A Newer Toyota Rav4 or an Alternative SUV?

The Toyota RAV4 – 2008


Hi, I love your website and thought you were  just the people to help me answer a question?! – I live at the end of a very bad road (1mile) with huge pot holes and have been happy driving a Toyota Rav 4 (2002) for many years but would like to trade it in now for perhaps an 08. I am having difficulties deciding which car to buy – my needs are that it can handle our road (so an SUV) but need a spacious car/jeep with plenty of room for 2 children, 2 adults, 1 dog and lots of luggage – I also would like something economical to run (diesel or petrol) – I wonder if you have reviews on the most economical SUVs?
We could go for a RAV again but perhaps there is another model/make we haven’t thought of? Any suggestions welcomed!
Thanks, Kim Elliot



Hi Kim,

Thanks for your question. A quick look at second hand prices reveals that there are huge variations in price for a 2008 Toyota Rav4, the range goes anywhere from 14,000 – 18,000 euros and tends  to vary according to mileage and transmission (i.e. whether it has an automatic or manual gearbox).

The Rav4 is a good option as your own experience will testify to,  it’s easy to drive  and while there are cheaper alternatives on the market, it remains one of the best used 4x4s you can buy. For your needs a diesel Rav4 with low mileage should be easy enough to find and is a really good buy.

Other options include the Nissan X-trail; it is available in two wheel version but as you live in the country then the 4×4 is the better option. Mitsubishi’s Outlander is another option worth considering it offers a good driving position, and has the space you need. In terms of economy diesel is a must which ever option you choose

As we are not sure of your exact budget if you want to specify it and get back to us with further questions then please do

Hope this helps

Author: Geraldine Herbert

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