Anne Marie O’Connor’s First Car…………

Not Anne Marie's car but one very like it!

Not Anne Marie’s car but one very like it!

What was your first car?
First car was a second hand beige Nissan Micra – ten years old when I got it. Clapped out. So reliable.

What did you pay for it?
I think I paid £400 for it.

 How old were you?
I was 23, I think at the time, so it would have been 1995.

 What was the longest trip you ever took in the car?
 The first time I took her out, I was so nervous, I drove from Wexford to Rosslare behind a jcb. That was the longest journey ever. Took me three hours, I was afraid to overtake.

How long did you keep your first car?
 I kept her for five years I think. I’ve no real negative memories of her. A reliable ride so she was.


Anne Marie O’Connor

12th March, 2015


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