Beat The Boredom Of A Long Journey With These Top Tips

Road trips are great. They are the perfect way to get away without having the stress of navigating airports, train stations, or ferry docks.

Sometimes it’s nice to get in the car and drive – not truly knowing where you’re going. Constantly having to drive long journeys takes the fun away from it all. Whether it’s for work or to visit family, the thought of having to be in the car for hours is enough to drive you crazy (let’s not even talk about car sickness).

If you have a few long journeys ahead and you’re already dreading it, keep on reading for a few great ways to kill time and beat the boredom.

Long Journey Essentials

Before we get going, there are a few things you should consider before taking a long journey. Boredom and tiredness — boredom can easily lead to being tired — behind the wheel are two primary reasons car accidents occur, especially on motorways. There are some pre-route things to consider that will keep you safe behind the wheel:

  • Check your route – Getting lost and adding time to your journey can cause stress and will potentially make you lose focus – especially if you’re driving at night or in the early hours of the morning.
  • Music – One recommendation experts give to combat tiredness on a long journey is to play loud music with the window open. If you feel your eyes slipping, roll down the window and blast your favourite song.
  • Snacks and drink – It sounds silly, but if you have a 5-hour car journey, for example, drinking and eating the right amount will keep your mind sharp and your belly satisfied.
  • Check your car – You must check your car before you leave. Screenwash, engine oil, and tyre pressure are all things you should check before leaving.

Passenger Tips

It’s hard to moan about boredom as a passenger, but we still do. Being a passenger on a long journey can be arduous, especially if the person in the driver seat isn’t into talking. Still, it is easier to entertain yourself than it is for the driver, starting with your connection to the world outside of the car.

Idea number one is online games. There are so many online games to choose from – you don’t have to be into gaming at all to play them. Online slot games are the perfect example of a game anyone can play. Themed slot games make any car ride quicker, and we bet you can find a theme that you can relate to, like the Atlantis Queen slot game. The legend of Atlantis makes anyone wish they were queen of the underwater city.

Idea number two is to take something with you that you can do on the journey. If you work from your laptop and have emails to answer, take the time to do them. If you love knitting and have been meaning to start something new, use the journey as a chance to do it. Or, simply take a book with you and let the chapters pass the time for you.

Driver Tips

Combating boredom when you’re the driver is not the easiest thing to do, especially if you are driving alone. Eye spy doesn’t work as well with just one player, and it isn’t really the most thrilling pastime if you do have someone to play with. Drivers have to contend with traffic adding time onto journey’s, the stress other drivers can cause, and the constant attention the road demands. Still, there are ways of keeping the boredom at bay.

Idea number one is audiobooks or podcasts. Most modern cars have a Bluetooth connection, making it easy to listen to podcasts or audiobooks on the go. There are some great streaming services for podcasts, one of the largest being Spotify. YouTube and Google Podcasts are two other sources offering several podcasts – featuring appearances from some well-known celebrities.

Idea number two is to take regular breaks. Circling back to the safety side of things, you must take a break every couple of hours if you’re taking a long journey, even if your mind feels sharp. The longer you’re on the road, the less alert your mind becomes, even if you feel awake. Regular breaks allow you to stretch your legs, get a coffee or a bite to eat, and recharge slightly before tackling the road again. The Highway Code recommends drivers take a break every 2 hours for 15 minutes.

The ideas above should help combat boredom on any long drive, whether you are the driver or the passenger. It helps if you have good people in the car with you and the excitement of the destination at the end. If even the end destination isn’t exciting, kick back with an audiobook and let the hours fly by!

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