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As the class of 2019 weigh up their career and college options why not consider becoming a qualified driving instructor asks Ladybird Driving School

In secondary school when trying to decide what will you do after you have finished secondary school, how many people around you be it career guidance teachers, your own Parents, Colleagues, Lecturers ever mentioned the words “Driving Instructor ?”

The answer is probably NO ONE and yet Driving Instructing is a viable career/business to pursue as a young person starting out in life.

So what do you need to have?

  • Tax clearance certificate 
  • Full drivers licence for 2 years 
  • Garda vetting and that’s it 

What you don’t need

  • No leaving certificate
  • No third level
  • No advanced training

As young people, you are advised to go to college (even though you may not want to or have the academic ability), get a job. Maybe work in retail, construction or a deli, restaurant or factory, for minimum wage.

You get caught in the employment trap of working for someone else for poor pay for the rest of your life with not much chance of change. Why? It doesn’t need to be like that. Did you know Driving instructors can earn up to €1000 plus per week and set their own hours.

Driving Instructing is not just for older individuals

Everybody assumes that driving instructing is for older individuals.  People who have done some sort of advanced and difficult driver training and that you need to be an older generation because that’s who taught you to drive, someone older. That’s the current mindset in Ireland. The average age of a driving instructor in Ireland is 43. Why is that? Driving Instructing is see as an older person’s game.

So why is it that young people aged between 19 and 29 years of age with a full licence can’t become a driving instructor on €50,000 plus per year?

The answer is they can and they are and Ladybird driving school is proving this and changing the way this country’s outdated mentality towards the driving instructor industry sees things.

We are creating a Young, Fresh, Energetic and new wave of Talented and Motivated new age of driving Instructors and turning this industry on its head.

With the average age of Instructors in Ladybird Driving School currently at 34 we are looking to bring that downwards over the next 3 years.

How are we going to do this?

Recruitment  – We are recruiting a panel of young and talented Instructors between the ages of 19 and 29 and we are passionate about  changing the way people think about the industry by working to improve and revolutionise the business once and for all with like- minded people.

What are the steps involved in becoming a Ladybird  Approved Driving Instructor ?

Stage 1

ADI Theory test.
A theory test to establish your overall knowledge of theory over a range of topics. 

  • Driver testing procedures and documentation to deliver.
  • Road safety precepts and practices 
  • Pedagogy – teaching ability
  • Basic mechanic and maintenance of vehicles.
  • Category b membership.

We provide all study material to successfully pass stage 1.

Stage 2.

Following the successful completion of stage one, the next stage is the advanced driving test.

This test is about 1 hour and 10 minutes across all road types including motorway, dual carriageway, rural roads, with 5 different manoeuvres built in including an emergency stop.

We ensure that your driving is to the high standard it needs to be before the test itself. We cover the route  of about 40 km that you will be taken on so no surprises on the day.

Stage 3 

Having successfully passed stage 2 you will be invited to sit stage 3 Instructional ability.

This is a role-play scenario where the tester adopts the role as both a new driver and then an advanced driver and tells you the lesson plan that more or less needs to be delivered.

We train you how to verbalise this open book instructional ability in car exam and show you exactly how to present the lesson plan the way the tester wants from our 1 to 1 training syllabus.

Train while you work.

As the 3 stages are about 6 weeks apart from each other it’s easy to prepare properly.
Each stage allows you to work while you train.We currently have trainees who are working as Couriers, Beauticians, Waitress, Retail, Carers, Personal Trainers and many more niche businesses who all want more flexible hours and more pay and who have an interest in cars or driving and are also good with people as well.
Once we  have you qualified you are free then to enter the ladybird  driving instruction network world where we provide everything including post qualification test route training and a minimum of 35 hours per week .

How much does it cost to train?

Typical fees over the 3 stage  course to qualify are around €1,500 to €2,000, which is not bad for a €50,000 per annum career in your 20s.

We guide you step by step to full qualification and are now the top Approved Driving instructor trainers in Dublin with 4 of the top ADI trainers in Ireland spearheading our ADI unit.

Read our Instructor Clodagh’s path to becoming a Ladybird Driving Instructor.

We will be back next month with our next instalment of #LearnWithLadybird but in the meantime check out some info about us here

14th August 2019

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