Car Chat with Doireann Garrihy

Doireann Garrihy with her Renault Clio in striking Iron Blue

We talk cars, gadgets and passengers with Spin 1038 DJ and Renault Brand Ambassador Doireann Garrihy

Doireann Garrihy,  Renault Brand Ambassador and radio broadcaster on Dublin station Spin 1038,  is one half of the Zoo Crew, which broadcasts weeknights from 7pm-10pm. Before moving into her current role on the Zoo Crew, Doireann rounded up the best stories from across the entertainment world every Friday on TV3’s The Six O’Clock Show. She also continues to occasionally act as Entertainment Contributor to TV3’s Ireland AM.

 1) Your current car – Love at first sight or just a means to get from A to B? Definitely love at first sight! I’m driving a Blue Renault Clio and am almost living in it. My parents live a 5 minute walk from my house, but I take the car just to get another journey out of her!

2) What does it say about you? My previous cars have been neutral colours (white and black). I think the blue is a good reflection of where I’m at – having fun and not being afraid to express myself!

3) What was your first car? My sisters and I shared a VW Polo. Needless to say there were quite a few arguments over who got the car when…

4) Who taught you to drive? I got lessons with the Airport Driving School and did the odd trip with my Mom and Dad, although their nerves couldn’t really handle it…

5) Do you have a favourite car gadget?  It might seem simple, but I would be lost with the inbuilt Sat Nav. My sense of direction is shocking!

6) Whom do you most admire in your profession? Mario Rosenstock. He’s been a hero of mine for as long as I can remember

7) What was your best career decision to date? I initially planned on getting into acting, but I think my move into radio was a great call. Presenting doesn’t feel like work! It’s different every day and always fun.

8) What is on your car stereo right now?  Spin1038 of course!

9) Dream drive in dream location? – The Wild Atlantic Way!

10) Passenger you’d most like on a long journey? Can it be anyone? If so, Beyonce. I reckon we’d do a great Carpool Karaoke together.

11) Passenger you’d least like? That’s easy – Trump!


Doireann Garrihy

2nd October, 2017

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