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Chloe Magee

Chloe Magee

A two time Olympian, European games medalist and nine time Irish National Champion we talk Cars with Chloe Magee a professional badminton player and Rio hopeful

If you were a car what car would you be? If I was a car I’d like to think I would be something like the Toyota GT86, not very big but interesting to figure out!

What do you drive and what does it say about you? I drive a White Toyota Auris! I think the new Auris is very cool and gives a real young person feel! Personally I love all the small extras on the Auris , for example being able to connect your phone/ipod to the car and having all your information there infront of you. What it says about me is I love something reliable but with a little extra thrown in!

Do you have a favourite car gadget? My favourite car gadget is probably my reversing camera, gets me out of a lot of problems!

Who taught you to drive? My Dad taught me to drive initially before taking lessons! He isn’t the type of guy with a lot of patience so luckily it came quite naturally to me!

Whom do you most admire in your industry?  As a professional Athlete there is a lot of people I admire. In sport and badminton specifically, I admire the players who dedicated their life to the sport and for years getting little reward, but in the end win that medal they’ve always dreamed off.

What was your best career decision to date?  My best career decision was definitely deciding to follow my dream of being in the Olympic Games. From a young age I always watched the Olympics on TV and the thought of being part of the biggest sporting event in the world always give me goosebumps. Being able to proudly say I’ve now represented Ireland in two Olympic Games is amazing!

What is on your car stereo right now? On my car stereo right now is Galantis – Peanut Butter Jelly!

One item you couldn’t live without?  I definitely couldn’t live without my phone.

How do you relax?  I am based in Dublin for my training and I love the city but when I have downtime or time to relax I love going home to Donegal where life is a little simpler! Spending time with my family is important to me and when I have time off thats where I am!

Who is your hero?  I wouldn’t say I have a hero but someone I really admire is Venus Williams. Her life up until being a very successful tennis player is one I find admirable.

Describe yourself in one word?   Energetic.


9th November, 2015


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