Car Chat with Teena Gates

Teena Gates and here beloved Mazda MX-5

Teena Gates and here beloved Mazda MX-5

We talk cars with Teena Gates,   former news journalist turned adventurer and author of ‘One Foot in Front of The Other’.

If you were a car what car would you be? I would be a DeLorean DMC-12, the stainless steel, gull winged ‘Back to the Future’ car that was produced briefly in Belfast in the early eighties. My stainless steel body would stand up well to the salty Atlantic air and I’d live on Inisbofin Island, County Galway.

What do you drive and what does it say about you? I drive a 24 year old Mazda MX5 Eunos Roadster Convertible. She’s red, frequently topless, goes forever regardless of her age; and I reckon we have a lot in common…

Do you have a favourite car gadget My favourite car gadget is my Thule Roof Rack from Great Outdoors, which I’ve had fitted on my dad’s Toyota Yaris and allows me to put two kayaks up on top.  Mind you, I’ve discovered I can fit a river kayak in the MX5 passenger seat if I have the roof down…

Who taught you to drive? My lovely, patient dad taught me to drive. He’s 90 this summer and he’s still driving himself, so he’s got a lot of experience to share. My favourite tip was when he told me to keep an eye on the ‘ESB Poles’ in the distance on bendy Irish roads, so that you can judge the direction of the road ahead.

Whom do you most admire in your industry? In recent years I’ve gone from writing hard news, to travel blogging and adventure.  Pat Falvey, Irish and Worldwide Adventures is definitely a hero of mine, I love the poetry in his words and the way he never loses his passion for introducing people to new experiences. He has also studied the parallels between business and the skills needed to make it to the top of a mountain, and he’s really good at teaching those skills on a commercial platform.

What was your best career decision to date? Writing my book ‘One Foot In Front Of The Other’.

What is on your car stereo right now? Newstalk . Ok, I confess I haven’t completely managed to leave news behind me…

One item you couldn’t live without? Mascara, boots, mascara, boots… oh dear, I’m embarrassed, I think it has to be mascara!

How do you relax? Swimming in the sea or climbing our lovely mountains.

Who is your hero? My dad. He never gives out, never gives in and never gives up. I look at him aged 90 and think I’ve got at least another 40 good years in me. He is my inspiration.

Describe yourself in one word? Enthusiastic.


Teena Gates

8th October, 2015



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