Win! Car Shades – The new must-have accessory for your car!


“Mum, it’s too hot! Are we there yet?”… The joys of travelling with children. We check out an new Car Accessory that promises to put an end to those immortal words.

Sunny days make for a great summer but can easily turn your car into a sauna on four wheels. The shades will considerably reduce the cabin temperature by blocking out sunlight. Offering up to 95% passenger protection from UV rays, Car Shades will help protect children, pets and other rear passengers from heat and sunburns, making their journey safer and more comfortable.

Each year, there are over half a million car accidents in the UK due to distractions caused by insects and bugs. Wind tested, the Car Shades will remain in place even whilst driving with the rear windows down, stopping uninvited insects from entering the car. Remember this time you had to hunt down a menacing wasp while behind the wheel? These shades will make it a distant memory.

Car Shades also add a darkened effect to your windows. Scared of leaving anything in the car? The shades will make it much trickier for thieves to see what’s inside your vehicle. Not only that, they will also prevent from headlights of following traffic at night or blinding sunlight during the day, especially in Autumn and Winter when the sun is low in the sky.

Coming with simple instructions, the whole set can be in position in less than two minutes thanks to an easy “Clip Eaze” technology. They are also quick to remove, simply unclip the shades and place them in their smart, protective zip-up bag. Added bonus, they store flat and take very little room.

More efficient than suction cup window shades, far cheaper than privacy glass, Car Shades are the perfect solution.

To find our just how perfect a solution they are we asked three readers to test them out! find out what they thought here or check out the video below to see how they work


For more information about Car Shades visit www.carshades.co.uk

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20th May, 2016



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  1. A must have for any car for a safer and more comfortable journey, especially for the kids!

  2. A must have for any car for a safer and more comfortable journey, especially for the kids!

  3. Would fit to my Golf and it might help keep the passengers happy ☺

  4. I would give them to my son to use in his car for his little girl, 1 year old on Wednesday

  5. Voucher?? The car shades look very clever. We are in the process of getting a new car so these would be great to go along with it

  6. Love them for my car as I take and colect my grandkids from school every day

  7. Would be perfect to give to my daughter for my grandsons comfort while traveling😎

  8. A fantastic idea, the current types of sunshades are just terrible!

  9. I would use them on my car, as they will be so useful as no matter what I use to block the sun, it doesn’t work, so these look like they are perfect for the job!!

  10. I would use these when travelling with my new granddaughter – only 8 weeks old💞

  11. With 2 small kids these are ideal to stop them asking the dreaded “Are we there yet”

  12. To be able to keep the car cool for the kids and/or the ole mutt would be great.

  13. wow!! These would mean I could take my scarf down from my 11month olds window!!!😂

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