Celebrating Excellence: The WOW Award

The Women of Worth Award Finalists

The  WOW Award aims to honor the exceptional contributions and careers of women in the motor industry or motorsport. This prestigious award recognizes those who have made an outstanding impact.

This year, the Women’s Worldwide Car of the Year (WWCOTY) expanded the nomination process to include the entire automotive industry. A total of 30 nominations were expertly narrowed down to ten finalists by three non-voting jury members.

Now, it’s up to 76 jurors from 53 countries to cast their votes for the Women’s Worldwide Car of the Year. These esteemed jurors will determine who truly deserves the WOW Award 2024, with the winner set to be announced on June 4th, 2024.

Last year’s award went to Dr. Astrid Linder of Sweden, the brilliant mind behind the female crash test dummy.

The WOW Award is coordinated by Sandy Myhre from New Zealand, the founder of the Women’s Worldwide Car of the Year, with support from Sabrina Parant of Belgium.

Marta Garcia, the Executive WWCOTY President, emphasized the award’s role in promoting women in the automotive industry and motorsport. “We are thrilled the industry has responded so well with so many nominations this year,” she said.

And now, here are the finalists in alphabetical order by surname:


Lexie Alford
American adventure traveller
USA At 21 years of age, Lexie shattered the world record for the youngest person to travel to every country by traveling to all 196 countries.
Arlena Amiri
Head of Polestar Operations
Sweden She created the necessary framework conditions so that the research team and partners can build a climate-neutral car by 2030.
Jess Bala
Managing Director,
GM Australia & New Zealand
Australia and
New Zealand
She played a central role in Cadillac’s transition to an all-EV brand by the end of the decade.
Marta Blázquez
Faconauto President
Spain She is the only woman to lead an association in the automotive sector.
Claudia Marquez
Chief Operating Officer,
Genesis Motor North America
USA Under Marquez’s leadership, Genesis has strengthened its position in North America.
Luciana Herrmann
Regional Communications Director,
Latam Nissan
Mexico Since its inception, Luciana has dedicated much of her work in communications to seek equity for women in the automotive industry.
Asako Hoshino
Executive Vice President, Nissan Motor
Japan Asako Hoshino acts as brand champion and overseeing Global Marketing & Sales, Global Customer Experience, Global INFINITI and Global Aftersales.
Michèle Mouton
She became the first president of the
FIA’s Women & Motorsport
France As the only woman to win a World Rally Championship event and a constant top contender, she redefined expectations for female drivers.
Rachel Somaschini
Rally and Race Driver
Italy She is the first driver with cystic fibrosis to take part in a World Championship rally.
Angela Zepeda
Chief Marketing Officer of
Hyundai Motor America
USA She is an expert in marketing to women, with a keen understanding their retail habits.

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