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Our Electric Picnic Motoring Tips


With Electric Picnic kicking off on Friday we have some tips for safe festival motoring writes Geraldine Herbert


Before you leave 

Make sure your car is up to the job so check the following

  • change the oil
  • check the tyre pressure
  • check all fluid levels
  • fill up the tank
  • check your spare tyre

Don’t forget 

  • – Plan your route and journey time before your set off – if you know where you’re going, you’ll avoid the added stress of an unexpected detour on the day.


  • – Don’t overload your vehicle. Any bags you need to take with you should be packed securely into the boot to avoid obstructing your view.


  • Remember any extra weight will increase fuel consumption – do you really need that extra pair of wellies.


  • Get a good playlist for the journey on the way so it’s probably worth giving a bit of research (but not too much) into the current line-up. Or you could just check out our Electric Picnic Spotify playlist


  • All approved routes leading to designated parking areas for the event are clearly sign posted so follow these routes to avoid unnecessary delay and traffic disruption.  Key junctions and points will be manned by Gardaí.


  • If you decide arrive on the very early on the first day you will have to face long queues and you won’t be allowed into the camping site before 9am on Friday. Queuing is not permitted Thursday night but the longer you leave it, the less choice for camping spots.  The Camper Van parking area will be open from 4pm on Thursday 3rd September and the The Family Campervan site opens at 9am Friday 4th September but remember the campsite close at 1pm on Monday.


When you arrive

  • – Lock up your vehicle and put your car keys in a very secure place which you’re not likely to forget about and they won’t fall out of.


  • Make a note of where you have parked, trying to find a car amongst the thousands parked can be a nightmare.


Setting off for  home

  • Rain, a constant feature of our Irish weather, can quickly turn a field full of cars into a slippery, muddy bog so if this happens try not to spin the wheels so set off  in second gear, not first and  use the accelerator  gently. You can also try cardboard placed in front of the driven wheels to help aid traction or car mats can be used as a last resort!. Once you get moving try to maintain momentum and stay moving.


  • Though you may not have had anything to drink that morning, you may still be over the limit from the night before.


  • And you’re likely to be tired, so schedule in regular rest stops for the drive back.


Stay safe and enjoy!


Geraldine Herbert

28th August, 2015


Author: Geraldine Herbert

Contributing Editor (Motoring Supplements) and Motoring Columnist for the Sunday Independent, Irish Country Magazine and editor of wheelsforwomen, Geraldine is also a regular contributor to "The Last Word" on TodayFm. She was voted Motoring Writer of the Year 2013 in The Journalism and Media Awards (The Jams). You can follow Geraldine on Twitter at @GerHerbert1

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