How to Equip Industrial Vehicle with Right Tyres and Increase Its Performance?

industrial_mainChoosing the right tyres  will bring the maximum value to your business

Whatever you operate – a farm or a factory – you soon realize the fact that your productivity, and, therefore, profitability, is highly dependable on industrial vehicles. Those big machines are often expected to operate 24 hours a day, and even a minimal downtime can cost you a lot of missed opportunities. In order to make your vehicle always ready for a big job, you must equip it with correct tyres.  Experts from and, the online shops specialising in tyres and other automotive accessories, tell how to choose the right tyres that will bring the maximum value to your business.

Requirements for industrial tyres

For heavy industrial machines such as agricultural vehicles, forklifts, earthmovers, lawnmowers, or tractors, the safety of operations and their uninterruptedness are of paramount importance. Industrial tyres are intended to operate at their full capacity enduring pressure, loads, high speeds, extremely low or extremely high temperatures, and rough terrains. In order to prolong the tread life of industrial tyres, it is crucial to choose them with the load index specified by the vehicle’s manufacturer in mind, keep tyres properly and evenly inflated and never go beyond the maximum distance a tyre is allowed to travel in 1 hour.

Radials, cushion, or pneumatic tyres?

Always choose tyres for your vehicle – be it a forklift or a bulldozer – with its application and loads in mind. Think about the vehicle’s functions, terrain characteristics, and space constraints. Your choice will define how easy and safe the vehicle will be in handling. So always consult the manual provided by the vehicle’s manufacturer or a qualified specialist before buying a set of tyres.

  • Pneumatic tyres. If industrial vehicles are used for construction, lumbering or warehouse operations (outdoor or indoor) where a reliable grip and perfect handling on uneven rough terrains are crucial, pneumatic tyres perform the best. You can opt for solid pneumatic tyres which are more puncture-proof or air-filled pneumatic tyres.
  • Cushion tyres. If the perfect traction outdoors isn’t too essential in your operations (for example, if you use industrial vehicles indoors on smooth surfaces), you can opt for cushion tyres and save some money. Being made of smooth rubber attached to a round metal band, they are much cheaper and easier to use. Although they don’t offer superior outdoor and off-road traction qualities like pneumatic tyres do, they still have one very remarkable advantage. Due to their smaller turning radius, cushion tyres provide a better manoeuvrability on smaller sites.
  • Radial carcass type of tyre offers a better comfort for a driver and reduced vibration thanks to a flexible and strong construction. The ability to efficiently dissipate heat makes modern radials a reliable tyre option for outdoor rough terrain applications.

14th February, 2017

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