First Drive – BMW 4 Series Coupé

The BMW 4 Series Coupé goes on sales in Ireland on 5 October, 2013

The BMW 4 Series Coupé goes on sale in Ireland on 5 October, 2013

Due here in Oct, we travelled to Scotland to find out if the BMW 4 series Coupé is more than just a rebadged 3 series

What is it? On paper the 4 series is merely a coupe version of a 3 series saloon with a couple less  doors but in reality the two cars actually share only a bonnet.

First impressions of the new 4 Series Coupé? Smaller than a 6 but bigger than a 3, the new 4 series Coupé is a stunning looking car. Ingrained sportiness from the first glimpse, there is no denying the car’s intent with its wide, aggressive stance. With a beautiful blend of muscular and sensual lines the swept-back silhouette is classic coupé while the seriously flared rear wheel arches give it a more powerful and almost menacing presence.

What about the interior? For anybody new to the 3 Series range inside everything is contemporary, sensibly positioned and beautifully finished. Those familiar with BMW interiors however will recognise the same dashboard as in the 3 Series saloon and Touring models. Given that BMW are so keen to distance the Coupé from the 3 series we would have expected a slightly more unique interior.

With two doors less than the 3 series saloon the Coupé is never going to be as practical  but this  strict four seater offers a very decent amount of space in the front and passengers in the rear are well looked after also.  Boot space at 445 litres is good  and is just 35 litres  less than the  3 Series saloon’s capacity.

The new 4 Series Coupé promises a significantly higher standard specification than the model it replaces.

The new 4 Series Coupé promises a significantly higher standard specification than
the model it replaces.

And on the road? At launch we had the opportunity to drive the ferociously fast petrol 435i and the impressive diesel 420d.

4 Series Coupé and the city: Coupés  are all about the driver and here the 4 Coupé truly shines. With a reworked and lower suspension, on the road, the difference is instantly noticeable. The 4 series is a slightly more composed, more responsive and firmer version of the 3 series. Overall it feels like a more mature version rather than a sportier version of the 3.

4 Series Coupé and the open road:  The 435i delivers sharper steering  and a keen engine note that pairs beautifully with the car’s handling and eager performance.  It is both nimble and rewarding to drive on twisty, back roads, it just oozes grip and responds razor sharply. At high speeds the longer wheelbase adds to its stability. The 420d is noticeably nosier and not nearly as refined but is just as entertaining to drive.

How Much? Prices start from €47,130 for the BMW 420d SE Coupé and €51,100 for the  BMW 428i SE

How Safe? The new car has not been  yet been tested by the Euro NCAP but the 4 Series scores well for safety, thanks to features such as Head-up Display, Driving Assistant, Active Cruise Control, Lane change warning system, LED headlights, Park Assist and Dynamic Safety. There is no reason not to expect the Coupé to follow the 3 series and achieve a full five-star Euro NCAP crash safety rating

What about my options? Five trim levels are available SE, Sport, Modern, Luxury, M Sport and three engines. The engine range consists of two petrols, a 2 litre (428i) and a 3 litre (435o)  and one 2.0 litre diesel (420d). A 420i, 430d and the most powerful 4 Series model, the 313bhp 435d will join the range later in the year.

3 words to describe the 4 Series Coupé: Efficient; Masculine; Dynamic

For more information check out or the BMW Ireland Facebook page

Geraldine Herbert

 3rd September, 2013



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