Five tips to ensure you are sitting right when driving

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We all know the dangers of driving, be it watching out for sudden hazards, ignoring distractions or avoiding a collision. But there are other things we should watch out for when getting behind the wheel, and one of them is how we sit.

Brian Crinion, Director of Spectrum Optimise has some top tips on how to check you are sitting right when driving:

1) Raise the seat:
Adjust the seat so your hips are in line with or slightly lower than your knees.

2) Get support:
Adjust the cushioned part you sit on (either pump it up or down) so that your thighs are fully supported. There should be a more even pressure along the thighs with a 2-4 fingerbreadth distance between the seat and the backs of the knees.

3) Don’t recline:
The back of the seat should provide continuous support along the length of your back, so avoid reclining the seat too far. Roll the seat back just enough so you are sitting at a slight angle, ensuring that your shoulders are behind your hips and not in line with them or ahead of them. The ideal angle is 104°, but overall is should feel comfortable!

4) Check the wheel:
Adjust the steering wheel rearwards and downwards for easy reach. In terms of height, your chin should be in line with the top of the wheel. When reaching for the wheel, ensure there is a slight bend in your elbows, and the wheel should be a minimum of 10″ inches away from the driver’s breastbone.

5) Relax the upper body:
Place hands at a 9 and 3 o’clock position, this will allow your shoulders to relax and take pressure off your neck, especially important for long journeys. Ensure that your head is in a neutral position and you can see all your mirrors without straining your neck.


15th October, 2019

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