Our Guide to the proper use of Fog Lamps

Fog lamps are called that for a reason. But they get misused a lot. So what is  the proper use of fog lamps.

While we know that all wheelsforwomen.ie readers are excellent drivers, there is nothing wrong with a quick refresher course that can be spread to friends and colleagues so that we can end the misuse of fog lamps on Irish roads!

The dimming of headlamps when meeting oncoming cars at night is normal driving etiquette – but learning when and where to use rear and front fog lamps is just as important.

How many of us have found ourselves driving behind a car with its rear fog lamps on? The intense light can be a life-saver in falling snow, fog or heavy rainfall, but in clear driving conditions a rear fog lamp can be a headache for the driver behind. Constant use of the rear fog lamps can also make it difficult for the driver behind to see your brake lights.

The same goes for front fog lamps. The intense brightness can dazzle oncoming traffic just like your full headlamps and having to contend with looking at them in your rear view mirror can be just as annoying.

With cars coming with higher levels of specifications for less money, front fog lamps are no longer just an expensive option and come standard on many very affordable cars. So knowing how to use them is important.

When should I turn on my fog lamps? The only time that fog lamps should be used is in conditions of poor visibility like dense fog, very heavy rainfall or falling snow. They should not be used at any other time.

Make sure you know the switches that operate the rear fog lamps (and front fog lamps if they are fitted). This will avoid the fog lamps being put on by mistake in normal driving conditions. A light on the dash should also alert you to the fact that your fog lamps are on so familiarise yourself with what these icons look like.

Remember fog lamps are for use in poor visibility conditions: when other road users would struggle to see your car and your life is at risk if you don’t use them. They should not be abused.


15th November, 2012

Author: wheelsforwomen

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