Give Time, Give Space

Motorists are being asked to slow down and give cyclists room on the roads

“Give Time, Give Space” is the annual Donna Fox anniversary appeal to motorists to slow down and give cyclists room on our roads. It is also a plea to the Minister for Justice to give teeth to the hard won 2019 Dangerous Overtaking of a Cyclist legislation by enabling robust enforcement in way of a designated national portal for cycling.

Donna Fox’s tragic death on September 6th 2016 in Dublin city gave impetus to efforts to improve roads for cycling safety. Donna was cycling to work when hit by a delivery lorry driver, dying at the scene. Ever an optimist in life such is the emphasis of “Give Time, Give Space” in her memory. The message is that a little time a little space can, and does save lives! Everyone has the power to keep cyclists safe.

This year however focus is also being raised by “Give Time, Give Space” on what could be viewed as a demotion of road safety by the decision to push Road Safety down to a junior portfolio in 2020. Ireland was hailed “a model for the European Union” on winning the ETSC Road Safety Performance Index Award in June 2019. To keep and build on this demands a Cabinet Position.

“Where road safety is concerned there can be no let up nevermind a clear demotion by government. The Minister for Transport should be over road safety pure and simple. I would call on the Taoiseach to reinstate road safety to this status. Increases in fatalities since the position was downgraded shouldn’t go unnoticed either.” Neil Fox

Particular frustration remains with the Department of Justice who have failed thus far to bring in a portal for cycling (to assist and simplify reporting of near misses and dangerous passes by motorists).

“It is regrettable that despite persistent calls from so many stakeholders the Minister for Justice has shown no will to act with the urgency required, this coupled with no Cabinet Minister actively at helm of road safety in Ireland is concerning to say the least.” Neil Fox.

“Donna was an amazing loving and kind, fiercely loyal girl taken too soon. I’m honoured to have had her as my sister. To remember her is to look to future with hope not despair for the future of safer cycling. Government need to play their part but we all do too, give time, give space today and always as you drive. A second is difference between life and death.”



Monday 5th September, 2022

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