Co-Driver Profile – Helen Duggan

Helen Duggan

Suzanne Keane catches up with Killarney native Helen Duggan, who along with rally driver Cyril Wharton will be hoping to repeat their Circuit of Kerry success in their Mk2 Escort at the Rally of the Lakes this  weekend.


Congratulations on coming 1st in Class at the Circuit of Kerry! How does it feel? Oh it’s a great feeling to win it, it is a very competitive class. To finish the rally is great but to get 1st in class is the icing on the cake!!!

What is it like being a woman in rallying? Ah tis grand, a lot more women are involved nowadays compared to when i first started. No special treatment for us though!!!

 How did you become involved in rallying? Well my father brought me to watch the rally of the lakes one time when i was bout 10 or 11 so that’s how i got the interest, it was a few years later when i started spectating with my friends. Then I started helping out and sure after a while i got the navigating bug!!! Who knows maybe someday i’ll drive!!!

What makes a good rally co-driver? 
Good concentration when you’re under pressure and i suppose you would want a good nerve!!!!

Whom do you most admire in your industry? I admire everyone in rallying its a tough sport but i have to say Sebastian Loeb would be my favourite driver and his looks aren’t too bad either!!!

Do you have a favourite car gadget? Not really into car gadgets once the car gets me from a to b that’s all i care about!!

Who taught you to drive?My dad, god he had a hard time of it!!!! I knocked down a neighbours wall when i started off!!!

What is the fastest you have ever driven (legally)? Ah now that would be telling, nothing too crazy!!

 What cars would be parked in your euro millions garage? Love this question, when i finally win the Euromillions I will have three vehicles! I would have a van for carrying my two dogs, a Honda Accord road car and a Mark ll Ford Escort rally car!

 What is on your car stereo right now? Mixture of everything really. I like all types – mostly chart stuff i suppose.

One item you couldn’t live without? My phone!

How do you relax? Cup of tea and a bit of telly – cant bate that!!!

 Who is your hero? Mmm Sebastian Loeb!

Describe yourself in one word? Wired!


You can watch Helen and Cyril in action here or check out this website for more details on the Rally of The Lakes.


 Suzanne Keane

29th April, 2017


Author: Suzanne Keane

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