How To Choose a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Today, it seems like everything is connected. You can check your home camera from your phone, tell your digital assistant to turn off the lights and even send a tweet from a fridge door.

Did you know that you can connect your motorcycle helmet to your phone?

With the latest Bluetooth motorcycle helmets  you can easily listen to music, take calls and otherwise use your

What Is a Bluetooth Helmet?
As the name implies, it is a helmet that has an integrated Bluetooth system. You can sync it with a Bluetooth-capable device such as a smartphone or MP3 player and listen to audio from your device through small speakers in the helmet. This means you can play your music or take a call straight through your helmet. That is a pretty great feature for many bikers.

Another advantage of these systems is that you can more easily hear GPS directions. This is an especially important concern at the high speeds that street bikes are capable of. The wind noise would make hearing impossible without headphones or a Bluetooth helmet.

The options aren’t only limited to Bluetooth capable cruiser helmets and other bike helmets. There are numerous aftermarket solutions that can be mounted on existing helmets. Additionally, some people opt for Bluetooth headphones. However, these are not always comfortable inside an already tight helmet.

How To Choose the Right One
The first consideration should be the type of helmet you need. Finding a safe and comfortable fit is much more important than the tech available. After all, your helmet is one of the primary ways you are protected in an accident. If you are thinking about full face vs. modular helmets or half helmets, consider choosing full-face. They are significantly safer than the other options. This is especially true if you are riding at high speeds. Once you know the style of helmet you want, look at some of the Bluetooth options. Again, your primary goal should always be safety when choosing a helmet. It is much better to mount a Bluetooth device in a safe helmet than to sacrifice safety for integrated Bluetooth. Nonetheless, there are plenty of well-rated helmets with integrated systems.

There are some Bluetooth systems that can connect with other riders on the road. This is great for riding in groups. It is much easier to have a group conversation this way than to try to call everyone. The range is enough for riding in a pack but not much further than that.

If you are expecting to listen to music or making lots of calls, look for one with good audio quality. You may need to expect to pay a little more for high-quality sound. Different devices use different versions of Bluetooth. Make sure that the helmet is compatible with the devices you expect to use.

Find Your Perfect Helmet
There are so many great options for motorcycle helmets today. From Bluetooth connectivity to improved safety and comfort, you can always find a helmet that meets your needs. Get started exploring today. This is one of the most important purchases you can make as a rider.


23rd January 2020

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