How To Prepare Your 4×4 door Off-Roading in Mammoth

Adding some extra clearance to your truck is a great way to increase its performance off the pavement or to make a big impression at a gathering with friends and competitors.

Suspension lifts can ramp your chassis up from just a couple inches to a foot or more. This extra height delivers the following benefits:

  • Greater clearance over rocks, roots and ruts in the wilderness
  • Better appearance on the road or in the parking lot
  • Improved views of the countryside from the cab of your truck
  • Enhanced access to the most difficult trails in the 4×4 universe

With this in mind, there are few better destinations for the well-lifted truck than the Mammoth Lakes region of the eastern Sierras. Whether you exploring the old mining roads or testing your driving skills on the many hills, being prepared for this epic landscape promises hours of adventure.

Getting Ready

To get the most out of your ride you’ll want to bolster the suspension with top parts and top brands. The premiere suspension lift kits, performance shocks and suspension hardware give you the power and clearance to tackle the boldest lines. Adding the best off road accessories not only increases performance but it also ensures your safety and reduces your chances of being stuck far away from the nearest towing service. Better yet, prepare yourself with a high-powered winch to rescue yourself. Top accessories to consider for a weekend at Mammoth include leveling kits, body lifts and bushings, steering stabilizers and sway bar and track bar hardware. It’s important to fortify your truck with precision-engineered parts that stand up to aggressive driving on the miles of back roads at Mammoth. You never know what you might encounter, from washouts to mud wallows to sections of snow, so come prepared.

Staying Strong

While the debate over if size matters rages on, there’s no doubt wheels and tires matter when you want the best performance. A wide selection of brands and sizes allow you to equip your 4×4 with awesome tires that are durable and that carry your truck to new destinations. Wheel and tire packages give you formidable options to keep you going no matter the terrain or weather conditions. With the right choice, it’s easy to get better performance and great looks out of your next set of tires. Shop with the following traits in mind:

  • Tire and wheel brand
  • Tire height and rim diameter
  • Price range
  • Wheel construction
  • Bolt pattern

If you are partial to a particular brand, you can choose from Goodyear, Maxxis, BF Goodrich, Nitto, Radar and more. With so many options there’s no need to pay more than you want and a big inventory of wheels and tires translates to low prices. Keeping your truck strong for memorable experiences doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Best of all, tire and wheel packages come with all of the parts you need to get the job done.

Whether you are heading to the exciting terrain of Mammoth or some other destination, be prepared for adventure. Buy your parts now and explore with confidence.


24th January 2020

Author: wheelsforwomen

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