Irish Driver Stereotypes

The Yummy Mummy

The Yummy Mummy


Have you seen any of these drivers lately? This is our guide to some of the more common driver stereotypes.

Last week MSN Cars reported an incident in the UK where a woman crashed her “hairdresser’s car” into the window of a beauty salon. The woman who was driving the Porsche Boxster was unhurt but the reporting of the incident reinforced all of the old stereotypes about women who drive so called “hairdresser’s cars”  (a small, two-seater convertibles to you and I – the Mercedes SLK, Mazda MX-5 and their ilk). Here at we decided that we would partake in our own piece of casual stereotyping.


The (Yummy) Mummy
With all those kids to ferry about the Mummy needs a huge car. You will know the Mummy because she will be chattering away to her children in the rear-view mirror. She drives an MPV but if she is yummy enough she will have a 4×4. The high driving position is a bonus and makes it much easier to get the children in and out of their car seats. She OWNS the road and schoolyard in this car. She is still working on her parking skills but those new cameras and parking sensors make it a lot easier.


Boy Racer/Girl Racer
The Boy Racer/Girl Racer sits so low in the car that you can only just about see the top of a head behind the steering wheel. He/she likes to hang out in car parks or at the local filling station forecourt with like-minded individuals. Body kit, double exhaust, and wheels that are too big for the car will help you identify this driver. Their dream car is a Subaru Impreza WRX STI but their current wheels are more likely to be an old Corsa, Golf or Civic.


A very ancient 4x4, the first Series 1 Land Rover

A very ancient 4×4, the first Series 1 Land Rover


Ancient 4×4 Driver
Life is slower behind the wheel of an ageing Range Rover or Isuzu Trooper. The natural habitat for the Ancient 4×4 Driver is a quiet country road. This driver is oblivious to cars behind and will maintain a monospeed of about 60km/h. If it is a pick-up watch out for the equally nonchalant dog in the back.






The Micra Driver
The Micra Driver doesn’t stand a chance with other road users. Everyone passes he/she out even when they are driving at the speed limit. And it’s not fair. Not all Micra drivers are over 65 with an average speed of 50km/h…


Premium German Saloon Driver
If there is a car tailgating you it is most likely Premium German Saloon Driver. This driver has a bit of an attitude problem. They will drive up fast behind you, brake at the last minute and then proceed to drive uncomfortably close behind, shimmying from left to right just to ensure that you can always see one of their front headlamps in your side mirrors. It’s all part of their efforts to intimidate you. Premium German Saloon Driver also likes to perform maverick passing out manoeuvres.


Sales Rep/ “Mondeo Man”
Sales Rep/ “Mondeo Man” displays similar traits to Premium German Saloon Driver. He would love if his company car was an Audi or BMW but he has to settle for a run-of-the-mill Insignia, Mondeo or Passat. It is likely that he will tailgate you. But that is only because he has somewhere important to be.


White Van Man

White Van Man

White Van Man
He’s fast, he’s in a hurry and he wants you to get out of the way. He will appear from nowhere until all of a sudden he is sitting on your back bumper. All you can see in your rear view mirror is a white menacing lump of metal with three surly looking guys sitting across the front. They are tired, hungry and they just want to go home.


7th March, 2013


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