Let The Sun Shine

Let-The-Sun-ShineBefore hitting the open road be sure to do your road-trip research. Suzanne Keane shares her top road trip tips

With summer (hopefully) just around the corner, and a bank holiday on the way it’s the perfect time of year to get out in the countryside and enjoy the sunshine and scenery. Before setting off on any road trips do a quick check on the following:

  • Check the A/C – if you have it! Assuming we get a scorcher of a summer there’s nothing worse than sitting in traffic with rising temperatures. If yours isn’t working now’s the time to get it sorted – more than likely it’s just the gas needing a recharge (Once again, we’re being optimistic about the weather!)
  • Pack an emergency kit – Screwdriver, wheelbrace, jump leads, water bottles (for the car and you), reflectors & emergency triangle, torch, rubber gloves (we don’t want to ruin that summery manicure) and towels.
  • Coolant – check the level and also check on all hoses and pipes – look for anywhere that coolant/water could be leaking. You don’t want the engine to overheat in a traffic jam on a hot day (yes, optimism again)
  • Brakes – Make sure to get your pads and discs checked out. Summer means kids/animals running out on the road and you need to be able to stop in time!
  • Check your wipers – It may be sunny (maybe? hopefully), but that doesn’t mean it won’t rain again until winter!
  • De-Winterise – It’s probably safe to remove the de-icer and snow chains from the boot at this stage. You can replace them with flip flops and a sun dress.
  • Tyre Pressure – For those of you who do this weekly look away…. but for the rest of you – check your tyre pressure and tread depth and have a look for any bulges or signs of damage.
  • Maps – so that you can find your way to some amazing secluded beach.

Now it’s time to pack your sunglasses, sun tan lotion and pray for good weather!


Suzanne Keane

 29th April, 2013


Author: Suzanne Keane

A confirmed petrol head with a penchant for Retro VW’s, Suzanne has been taking apart (and sometimes putting back together) her own cars for years! You can follow Suzanne on Twitter at @_suzannekeane

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