Maxol Fuel Economy Run 2016

Laura Keane and Claire Collins achieved an incredible 2.13 litre per 100 kms in their Hyundai i40

Laura Keane and Claire Collins achieved an incredible 2.13 litre per 100 kms in their Hyundai i40


Laura Keane shares some of her fuel saving tips that helped her secure second place in the Maxol Fuel economy run 2016

On Sunday the 25th of September myself and my navigator Claire Collins set off representing wheelsforwomen.ie and we were kindly supported by Hutton and Meade in Blanchardstown who provided us with a new Hyundai i40. The Fuel Economy Run proudly sponsored by Maxol was hosted in order to raise much needed funds for a charity that I’m sure is close to a lot of our hearts – Aware. The route was beautiful – taking in many wonderful sights such as Newgrange and Skerries.

The aim of the run was a bit of a foreign concept for me – trying to use as little fuel as possible on the route!

However, our i40, affectionately named George, resulted in us getting 2nd  overall – achieving an incredible 2.13 per 100 kms or 133 mpg!!

Below find some of the tricks I used to remain as economical as possible, many of which can easily be incorporated into your daily driving.

  • Sitting in the car with the engine idling while you make a phone call or check social media will waste fuel. Don’t turn the key until you’re ready to drive away.
  • Don’t brake unless you need to – if you are carrying the appropriate speed going into a slight bend for example – applying the brakes and having to build back up to speed again uses more fuel.
  • Drive smoothly, aggressive braking and take off uses more fuel.
  • Take advantage of hills, apply a bit of power beforehand and then let the momentum carry the car down the hill – just make sure the clutch is fully out and that you’re not just coasting.
  • Get into as high a gear as soon as is safely possible – this can save up to 15% in fuel!
  • A speed limit is exactly that – a limit, not a target. Sticking to the speed limit or below it will save you a lot in fuel. As long as you are not causing a hindrance, going 80 in a 100 zone will save fuel and remember that 80kph is the minimum you can go on a motorway.
  • Check your tyre pressure regularly and pump them to the correct psi, soft tyres will not only wear quicker but will increase fuel consumption.
  • All tyres have a fuel efficiency rating now; try to choose one with a high rating when purchasing.
  • Turn off your aircon unless you absolutely need it, it will only serve to waste fuel.
  • Avoid consistently short trips if possible, this will use more fuel and is also less mechanically sympathetic as your car never gets a chance to warm up properly. Instead of driving up and down to the local shops, why not walk or cycle?
  • Service your car. Clean oil and filters will go a long way towards saving you fuel and money!


Laura Keane

6th October, 2016

Author: Laura Keane

Equine science graduate, loves all animals, has two siamese cats, fish, a lizard and a snake. Loves music, fashion, driving, cars and track days. If there is a dancefloor – she'll be on it!. You can follow Laura on Twitter at @optical_laura

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