My First Car…..

My First Car...

We remember our first car more easily than our first kiss, a new survey has revealed.  We want to hear about your first car….

 Tell us why you remember your first car and we will feature the best stories on the website

What was your first car and why did you buy it?

What did you pay for it?

How did it change your life?

What was the longest trip you ever took in the car?

What was your best memory or most memorable moment in the car?

What was your worst memory associated with the car?

How long did you keep your first car?

15th May, 2012

Author: wheelsforwomen

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  1. My first car was a 1971 Fiat 127. It was 17 years old when I inherited it from my aunt. The brakes were faulty they actually went on the way to the square in Tallagh one Saturday. It had black leather bucket seats. The windows wouldn’t open and the heating was on full blast constantly. It was like a mobile sauna in summer. Brings back happy memories.

  2. My first car, at aged 21 was a shocking brown coloured Fiat Uno. It cost me £700 as a trade car cause my dad said he could fix it up for me. On day 3 the handbrake came off in my hand (on a hill) and a few days after that the passenger window fell in when I wound it down fully. Disaster of a car but it got me out and about and I loved that. Changed to a black Daihatsu Charade 1.3l about 5 months after. The Uno just was a pile of crap…. Fix It Again Tomorrow!

  3. I used to hitch 8 miles to and from work each day so my dad arranged for me to buy my first car. It was a blue Fiat 128. I had to collect it from the garage and drive it home – I had never driven before!!…So I drove in first gear from Newbridge to Kilmeague (my father drove ahead of me) indicating as I went around bends (!)- no tax or insurance – there was a petrol strike on so I only had one or 2 lessons before I was let loose on the road!! It was a crap car….didn’t like the rain and would cut out going over puddles – so I was back hitching on rainy days!! Traded it in for a snazzy (in those days) Datsun 120fII coupe….discovered afterwards that I paid €500 more than the asking price when my fiat was traded in against it!!!

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