My First Car…..

Do you remember your first Car?

We would love to hear how your First car changed your life. Perhaps it was one incredible journey or that newfound freedom or maybe you even still have your first car?

If you and your car would like to be featured then simply answer the questions below and email your answers to

What was your first car and why did you buy it?
How did you come by the vehicle?
What do you remember about it?
Would you describe yourself as a car enthusiast?
How did it change your life?
What was the longest trip you took in the car?
How reliable was it?
What was your best memory or most memorable moment in the car?
What was your worst memory associated with the car?
How long did you keep your first car, and why did you decide to get rid of it for another?
Which car do you most regret selling?
What is your dream car, money no object?



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