Nikki Hayes drives the Renault Grand Scénic

Our Guest Review, DJ Nikki Hayes checks out Renault’s Grand Scénic

Having spent an enjoyable week in the Megane Sports Tourer next up was the Grand Scénic.

On my final trip to Linders Renault, I have to say that this wasn’t one that I was particularly looking forward to. This time it was the turn of the all new Grand Scénic. The old Renault Grand Scénic was always seen as the run of the mill, big family run around. It didn’t look sexy. It just screamed families falling out of it onto the football pitch for training and into the dance class for the latest lesson. It wasn’t nice to look at but it did the job. As I was walked towards the all new Grand Scénic, my jaw hit the floor and I entered a state of complete shock!

THIS was a BABE!!! The lines, the curves, the……………….the everything! I was never so happy to be proven wrong about my assumptions of a car! Features on board included a panoramic roof which once I drove it home – my daughter was obsessed with. I couldn’t believe I was saying it but my favourite of the entire range was in fact the car I had once jeered for being a mommy wagon. It still had enough room to seat 7 but it was incredible looking and didn’t drive like a 7-seater. It was as comfortable as the other models and drove superbly!

Inside the Grand Scénic

It was the most spacious car I had ever driven and with the height from the ground you felt you were safe. What kept shocking me was how comfortable it was to drive. You had the viewing advantage of being higher but it drove as easily as a car. It featured all the on-board tricks of the rest of the fleet but somehow it all just felt a lot more special in this model. It was as if all of the new technology that Renault had created for the new range had been built specifically for the Grand Scénic.
This clever MPV gives you a HUGE, 596 litres of boot space (with back seats folded).

This car blew me away every time I drove it. It was the winner by a mile for me across the 3 models I had driven. Saying that, it in no way takes away from the other two. Renault has really done their homework here and I think that each model in their respective classes will take some beating from their rivals. Renault, you have made a believer out of me and let me tell you, that is no easy task.

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Nikki Hayes

24th April, 2017

Author: Nikki Hayes

Nikki Hayes is a DJ on SPIN 1038. and 4FM. She is a regular contributor and Public speaker on a range of issues and is a Mental Health Activist. You can follow Nikki on twitter @nikkihayes

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