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Alloro Racing – Aaliyah Coughlan, Eva Kiely, Lara Sheehan. In the front from left to right, Ameenah Hussaini, Andrea Forde, Maya Rooney.

We catch up with Alloro Racing an all-girls ‘F1 in Schools’ team based in Limerick

What is Alloro Racing?

Alloro Racing is a team of six Transition Year students from Laurel Hill Secondary School, Limerick Ireland. Our logo features a 3-pronged trident and the letter ‘A’ encased in laurel leaves. The trident symbolizes the Ancient Roman God of the Sea- Neptune. We drew inspiration from the sea and ocean after seeing how dolphins use their dorsal fins to help them maintain stability and how their pectoral fin is used for steering and movement. We believed we could incorporate some of this into the way our car will work.

Our car will be named Mercury after the Roman messenger god. Mercury was known for his high-speed deliveries; we wanted our car to possess this quality of speed and we thought that this name was suited to the car. Mercury is also the god of Luck, communication and finance, these assets of the roman god are what we want the members of the team to hold.

Who is involved?

Our team consists of six people:

Aaliyah Coughlan (Team manager)

Maya Rooney (Engineer)

Ameenah Hussaini (Marketing & Social Media)

Andrea Forde (Fundraising & Sponsorship)

Lara Sheehan (Resources & Finance)

The teachers overseeing the competition in Laurel Hill is Mr Curtin and Mr Osiak

What is F1 in Schools?

F1 in Schools is an international STEM competition for students, in which groups of 3–6 students have to design and manufacture a miniature car out of the official F1 Model Block using CAD/CAM design tools. The cars are powered by CO₂ cartridges and are attached to a track by a nylon wire.

There are many aspects in which we will be judged on:

  • Racing (time trials and a knockout cup)
  • Scrutineering (does our car meet the regulations?)
  • Engineering Portfolio (show our technical work)
  • Enterprise Portfolio (describe our sponsor strategy, team management and branding)
  • Verbal Presentation (impress the judges with team spirit and innovation)
  • Pit Display (a physical display stand – display our branding here!)
  • Social Media and Marketing Plan (how do we reach fans?)

Judging for each category takes place at each finals event. At the end of the day, all scores are calculated and the winning teams are announced on the day.

Are there many all-girls teams competing?

The majority of teams competing in the competition are boys teams as their schools have better resources such as engineering classes, wood work, metal work and 3D printers, none of which is available to us. As this is the first year our school is competing in ‘F1 in Schools’, we wanted to inspire more girls to join the competition and try open up the same opportunities available to other schools for us.  We started an F1 in Schools club with the Junior Cycle students. We created the competition on a smaller level for them and are constantly teaching them new skills we have learnt so that they will be prepared to join the competition when the time comes.

There is only small percentage of women in STEM and motorsport jobs and we believe that this competition is a great way of encouraging other girls to pursue their dream futures and careers.

What kind of skills are needed?

We believe that everyone has a place in this competition, whether your interests are engineering, marketing, designing or even if you just love motorsport!  The competition is very time consuming and we spend nearly every single day working on it to get the best results. However, we have learnt so many new skills, overcome many challenges and have made friends with teams all over the world!

How do you divide up the work?

We all have our assigned roles which are best suited to us so we can try strive in all aspects of the competition.

Who are your F1/Motorsport heroes?

Although we have many heroes in F1 and motorsport, Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel will always have a special place in our hearts. We also think it’s such a huge inspiration how Sebastian Vettel set up the “Race 4 Women” initiative as he has a large platform and can make a difference.

What is next for Alloro racing?

We have recently submitted our car files and two 10-page enterprise and engineering portfolios. Our next step will be preparing for the Nationals competition which will take place in early May. There will be teams coming from all around Ireland to set up their pit displays and race their cars. The teams that succeed in Nationals will have the chance to go to the World Finals where teams all around the world to compete against each other.


25th February 2022

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