Practical and Actionable Tips to Reduce Your Driving Anxiety

It is common to feel nervous when driving. It is thought in Ireland alone, that more than 60% of the population of drivers are not as confident as you’d expect even after successfully passing their driving test so we have some tips to reduce anxiety.

Although both men and women can feel jittery when getting behind the wheel, particularly in those first few months after, women often have a hard time adjusting to driving on their own.
If you feel pangs of distress whenever you get in your car, we have put together the following post with handy tips to reduce your anxiety.

Practice Practice & More Practice 

Probably one of the most important tips in this post is that the best way to improve skills, in this case, driving skills, is with practice, practice and more practice. It is therefore crucial that you bite the bullet and get out there as much as possible on the actual roads.
Try driving in as many different situations, scenarios, and conditions. If you’re nervous about driving on the motorway, tackle it when it is at its quietest. But then once you are feeling more confident, try when it is busier.
Also, you need to make sure you get out when it’s raining, snowing, windy and sunny and calm. Although it’s nicer to drive when it is warm, and you can have the windows down, if that’s the only time you drive, you’ll never feel at ease when the weather is less than favorable.


Learn About Your Car 

Although there are people that are crazy about cars and know what each part does, how it works, there are others that see cars as these large, mechanical mysteries. You will instantly feel more confident about driving when you start to learn more about its externals and internals.
Get used to what all the buttons and switches do and practice using the lights so that you know what each of the settings is and how to use them properly. Do you know how to open the boot, fuel flap and bonnet? Do you know where the radio, air-con, and horn are?
Furthermore, you get calm your nerves more by taking a walk around your car and familiarising yourself with its dimensions and size, and this will make it easier for you to determine parking spaces and braking distances, etc.


Make Your Car a Stress-Free Environment 

If you want to feel more at ease, you need to make sure your car is a stress-free environment. Make sure your seat set to a comfortable driving position, that allows you to see out of all of your vehicle’s windows.
Also, check that your mirrors are all positioned so that you can see cars, vehicles, and pedestrians on both sides. De-clutter your car, listen to your favorite music and avoid wearing restrictive clothing and that your air-con is on when it is hot.

Invest in Good Car Insurance

Finally, a great way to keep your anxiety at bay is by having comprehensive insurance for you and your vehicle. Consider taking out cheap car insurance from the AA Ireland. With the AA Insurance, you get the benefit of a courtesy car, when your own is out of action, and we will also give your vehicle a complimentary valet before it returned to you. We also help cover the cost of repairs to the windscreen by providing you unlimited windscreen cover too.


24th January, 2019

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