Quick guide to Electric Cars

New car sales show a substantial increase in EVs and Plug-In Electric Hybrids, 811 EVs and 301 plug-ins sold in the month of January representing a combined market share of 3.4%

New car sales figures confirm that electric cars are on the rise but how do the most popular models compare asks Geraldine Herbert


What are the best selling Evs in Ireland?

Based on Sales for the Month of January the five best selling electric cars in Ireland in order are

Make Model


How do they compare on price?

Make Model Starting Price
RENAULT ZOE €24,990.00
NISSAN LEAF €28,690.00
HYUNDAI IONIQ €29,245.00
HYUNDAI KONA €37,630.00
BMW I3 €46,649.00


Well priced, spacious and family friendly, the Kona Electric will give a much-needed boost to EV sales in Ireland.

Which car has the best range?

Make Model Battery Capacity Range
HYUNDAI KONA 64kW 449 kms
RENAULT ZOE 41kW 300 kms
NISSAN LEAF 40kW 270 kms
BMW I3 42.2kWh. 260 kms
HYUNDAI IONIQ 28kW 204 kms





How much space is in the boot?

Make Model Boot space (seats up)
HYUNDAI IONIQ 455 litres
NISSAN LEAF 435 litres
RENAULT ZOE 338 litres
HYUNDAI KONA 332 litres
BMW I3 260 litres


How fast are they?

Make Model 0 – 100 km Top Speed kms
BMW I3 7.3 150
RENAULT ZOE 13.2 135


Size wise how do they compare?

Make Model Length Width Height Wheelbase
NISSAN LEAF 4490 mm 1788 mm 1530 mm 2700 mm
HYUNDAI IONIQ 4470 mm 1820 mm 1450 mm 2700 mm
HYUNDAI KONA 4180 mm 1800 mm 1570 mm 2600 mm
RENAULT ZOE 4084 mm 1730 mm 1562 mm 2588 mm
BMW I3 4011 mm 1775 mm 1598 mm 2570 mm



A new Nissan Leaf is sold every 10 minutes across Europe

What incentives are in place for Ev drivers?

*€5,000 VRT rebate –  new electric vehicles registered before December 2021 are eligible for VRT relief up to €5,000. With the 14% rate of VRT applied to electric vehicles, this means EVs have a tax-free value of up to €35,714. For plug-in hybrids, the rebate is €2,500 and on conventional hybrids, it is €1,500.

*€5,000 SEAI New vehicle purchase grant – – If you buy your new EV you can get a grant of up to €5,000 towards the cost. A grant of €2,500 is available on plug-in hybrids and €1,500 on conventional hybrids.

600 Home charger installation grant – Buyers of both new and second-hand electric cars can avail of a government grant to install a charger for the vehicles in their home. The grant will support the cost of installing a home charger for an electric vehicle up to a maximum of €600. On carcharger.ie, the cost for a basic 16-amp charger plus installation, cabling and VAT is €1049, or €449 with the grant included.

Reduced annual road tax – Electric Vehicles Lowest rate of motor tax at €120 per annum for a BEV is €120 per annum and typically €170 per annum for a PHEV.

Free public charging – There are approximately 1,200 public charge points across the island of Ireland and these are free to use with an ESB eCars access card. Owners of Plug-in hybrids and Evs are eligible to apply for one.

Reduced price tolls – There is a 50% toll discount for battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and a 25% toll discount for plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) on some tolls.

0% benefit in kind – BIK – Battery Electric Cars are eligible for 0% BIK over three years.

Free or reduced parking fees – Some local authorities are providing free or reduced parking.

100% Accelerated Capital Allowance – There is a 100 per cent year one capital write down on Evs and charge equipment.


Geraldine Herbert

13th February 2019




Author: Geraldine Herbert

Contributing Editor and Motoring Columnist for the Sunday Independent and editor of wheelsforwomen. Geraldine is also a regular contributor to Good Housekeeping (UK) and to RTÉ Radio One, Newstalk, TodayFM and BBC Radio. You can follow Geraldine on Twitter at @GerHerbert1

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