Review: Concord Reverso Plus

Suzanne Keane trys out the Concord Reverso Plus

What is it? Concord have been making child seats for the past 40 years so they should know a thing or two about creating functional quality safety products.  The previous model Reverso was best known for its ability to seat children up to 23kg using isofix – most isofix seats are just rated to 18kg and the new Concord Reverso Plus follows on with this innovative lightweight design but now in an i-size guise, suiting children up to 105cm tall.
Unusually the Reverso Plus uses a 3-point harness and the shoulder straps don’t move but it’s the crotch strap that is adjustable but safety hasn’t been compromised as it has passed the Swedish Plus Test.

What age group is it suitable for? The Reverso Plus is suitable for rear facing from 40-105cm and scored first place with a very impressive 1.8 (Good) in the German and Austrian automobile associations ADAC test.

What’s in the box? Inside the box you’ll find the, additional padding for smaller babies and newborns, ISOFIX guides (if your car doesn’t have any) and the instruction manual. The support leg isn’t fully attached out of the box and once this has been connected to the seat it’s almost impossible to remove it again but it does fold underneath for storage.

Fitting? Isofix seats are generally simple to install but the Concord Reverso Plus is probably the easiest one I’ve ever fitted! It is just a matter of lining up one of the isofix arms and pushing it into place, no wiggling or lining up of the other arm required! The kickboard adjusts to suit the rear seat back and acts as a rebound bar.
As an i-size seat the indicators won’t turn green until both isofix arms are connected and once this is done its just a matter of dropping the support leg into place with a single button to raise and lower the leg.
There are 2 knobs located on the top/rear of the seat for adjusting the headrest and recline.
What’s great about the Concord Reverso Plus is just how light it is. It really makes a difference moving it from car to car or even when it’s time to take it out for cleaning.

Watch the installation video

What about daily use? The Concord Reverso Plus is easy to adjust for your child once installed. The dial at the top of the seat adjusts the headrest and harness height while the one located at the top of the support leg adjusts the seat recline.  If you need to move it between cars it’s extremely light, one of the reasons it can cater for children up to 23kg unlike the usual 18kg for an isofix seat and the height limit is 105cm which should last until your child is over 4 years old, depending on how tall they are!  However, on full recline and the position of your isofix points the seat can take up quite a bit of space which might not be ideal if you have a taller passenger in front. However, this was definitely my toddler’s favourite seat to use – especially as the rebound board is great for kicking!
The seat is really well padded for comfort and the 3 point harness is much easier to use with wriggling toddlers than a 5 point one.

And Safety? The Concord Reverso Plus has passed the Swedish Plus Test which is one of the most rigorous tests that a child seat can undergo. It is also ECE 129 i-Size approved.
The Reverso Plus is suitable for rear facing from 40-105cm and scored first place with a very impressive 1.8 (Good) in the German and Austrian automobile associations ADAC test.

What about value for money? The Reverso Plus is priced slightly above other options, by comparison the Diono Radian 5 is €399 and the Axkid Minikid is €399.


Where can I buy one? Mothercare, In Car Safety and all stock Concord.


Why you’ll want one? Lightweight, Swedish Plus Tested, Longest lasting ISOfix seat

Why you won’t? On full recline it can take up quite a bit of space behind the driver


Seat: Concord Reverso Plus
Weight limit: 0-23kg (40-105cm i-Size)
Fixing: isofix
RRP: €459
Star Rating:  4.5* (one of the first i-size seats to 23kg but only has a 105cm height limit and takes up loads of space)

Disclaimer – Wheelsforwomen was sent this car seat from Concord to review, however all reviews are unbiased and honest. This is not a sponsored post.


Suzanne Keane
13th August, 2018



Author: Suzanne Keane

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