Review: Cybex Solution Z i-Fix

Eoghan Keane O’Regan, age 5, testing out the new car seat

Suzanne Keane tries out the Solution Z i-Fix: An adaptable High Back Booster for children up to 50kg.


What is it? Cybex offer car seats, baby carriers, kids furniture and strollers in a wide range of designs to suit all budgets. The Solution Z i-Fix is a high back booster from their Platinum range, for when your child has reached the limits of their rear facing seats and is ready to use a high back booster – see our guide here.


What’s in the box? The Cybex Solution Z i-Fix arrived in 2 parts, the backrest and the base, which had to be clicked together. The model tested was in Autumn Gold – from the standard range (along with black and grey) and there are also “PLUS” colours available with more premium fabrics and a wider choice of colours to choose from. An optional summer cover is available, made from bamboo cellulose, to keep them cool and dry on hotter days.


Fitting? The Cybex Solution Z i-Fix has optional ISOFIX arms to keep the seat in place when it’s not in use. These just clip into your ISOFIX points or if you’re not using them they retract back into the Solution Z so that they aren’t in the way. 

Once your child is sitting comfortably you can adjust the headrest to the correct height – 2 fingers above their shoulders. The headrest/backrest has 12 different positions so it’s suitable for a wide range of heights and the seat has a weight limit of 50kg so it’s ideal for heavier children. The PLUS versions come with a softer, more comfortable fabric and a wider choice of colours to please even the most discerning of children. 

The shoulder belt is fed through a slot at the side of the headrest and the lap belt goes under the horns at either side of the seat (not over). Make sure the belt is sitting on the shoulder and on the hips (not the softer stomach area) to ensure a good fit.

Find out if the Cybex Solution Z i-Fix will fit your car here

Watch the information video


Daily use  The headrest has 12 different height settings and the shoulder width adjusts automatically as the headrest rises so it’s really easy to get the right fit for your child with just one hand. This is essential as the seat is designed to suit your child from 5/6 years old all the way up to approximately 12 years old.

Belting up is simple as the belt just runs down the side of the headrest and underneath the arms at either side – my 5 year old could strap himself in with a little supervision. There is a patented reclining headrest built in to prevent their head from falling forward, ideal for naps on the go, and the seat has an air ventilation system to keep it at a cool temperature on hot days – not something we got to test out unfortunately!

The Solution Z i-Fix feels like a really solid seat, partially thanks to the bulk of the shoulder protectors on either side and the added linear side impact protection. When we used it we had it held in place is ISOFIX but it’s possible to use it with just the seatbelt too and the ISOFIX arms retract out of the way – handy for storage.

The Solution Z weighs just 7.2kg and the covers are machine washable at 30 degrees.

Safety The Cybex Solution Z i-Fix is certified to the latest UN R129/03 safety standard, incorporating enhanced testing procedures for side collisions. The L.S.P System Plus reduces the forces of a side impact by 25%.

When not in use the Solution Z should be secured in the car, either with the seatbelt or ISOFIX.

There are 12 height settings and an automatic shoulder width adjustment to ensure the seat can be adjusted to fit your child perfectly, using just one hand. The reclining headrest has been designed to keep their head in the safety zone of the car seat and actively guides the head into a safe position during an accident.


Why you’ll want one
If you’re looking for a functional high back booster seat that will last for years to come, with plenty of comfort, the Cybex Solution Z i-Fix might just be the one. There’s plenty of adjustment and the width increases with height to make a more comfortable seat for your child


Why you won’t
If you’re trying to get 3 across in a car there are narrower high back boosters available. There is no 4th attachment point (lap belt guide) for younger children.


Seat: Cybex Solution Z i-Fix
Height limit: up to 150cm

Weight limit: 15-50kh

Fixing: ISOFIX plus seatbelt or just seatbelt.

RRP: The Cybex Solution Z i-Fix retails at €229.95

Stockists:, In Car Safety Centre

Star Rating:  4.5* (solid seat but very wide)


Disclaimer – Wheelsforwomen was sent this car seat from Cybex to review, however all reviews are unbiased and honest. This is not a sponsored post.


Suzanne Keane 

7th March 2022

Author: Suzanne Keane

A confirmed petrol head with a penchant for Retro VW’s, Suzanne has been taking apart (and sometimes putting back together) her own cars for years! You can follow Suzanne on Twitter at @_suzannekeane

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