Review: The Nachfolger HY5 Car Seat

The HY5 promises safe, stress-free travel from one place to another


Suzanne Keane checks out the new inflatable Nachfolger HY5 TT car seat

What is it? If you’re heading off on holidays soon the thoughts of dragging child car seats through the airport can be extremely off-putting – and you really can’t trust the type or condition of seats provided with rental cars! Even though it’s not strictly necessary to have a child seat on a plane for children of any age that doesn’t mean it’s safe for them to use an adult (or infant) seatbelt! Imagine if there was a seat you could fold up into your carry-on luggage that could also be used by your child while on the plane?

The Nachfolger HY5 may just be the ideal solution for parents of young children who either don’t have their own car, regularly use public transport or fly frequently. It weighs less than 5kg, folds into a small carry bag and is TUV approved for use on an airplane – the only other EU approved seat that can boast this is the 0-25kg Diono Radian 5 but as anyone who has one knows they are far from light!

We tested the Nachfolger HY5 on a rail trip to Cork to collect a car. We headed off on the train with just a buggy, a changing bag hanging off one side and the HY5 in its carry bag on the other. It may not have been a busy airport but really gave a feel for just how easy the HY5 is to transport. Arriving in Cork and 2 buses later we were ready to pump up the seat.

Thankfully, I had done a test run the previous weekend as it can be a little fiddly on first attempt but fitting the seat to the Kia Proceed was simple with the automatic pump and we were soon back on the road to Killarney. My co-pilot is 2 and a half and approx. 15kg so was the perfect size for the seat.

What’s in the box? Inside the box you’ll find the Nachfolger HY5, a rechargeable pump, instruction manual and a storage/carry bag.

Fitting? The Nachfolger HY5 is really simple to install. Firstly line up the seat in your car. You can unfold the carry bag to act as a seat protector. The next step is to turn on the air indicator lights and connect your pump (making sure the valve is closed). Turn on the rechargeable pump and it will inflate the seat and stop automatically at the correct pressure. If you’re using a manual pump you’ll have to keep an eye on the indicator lights to see when there’s enough air in the seat. Once it’s inflated the seat cover snaps up to uncover the seatbelt clip. The belt is run through the base of the seat, tightened and then the belt clip is closed. You can then reattach the seat cover. When your child is in the car you can adjust the height of the top tether (you should be able to fit 2 fingers between the top of their head and the tether strap – which then attaches to the top tether point in your car.

If you’re installing the seat in the front of a car you’ll have to move the passenger seat forward until the HY5 touches the dashboard – but don’t forget to ensure the airbag is switched off!

When it’s time to remove the seat and repack it you can undo the valve and it will begin to deflate. You may need to help it along near the end if it’s ever going to fit back in the bag!

Watch the installation video

Daily use? The HY5 is designed to be as portable and light as possible for travel and occasional use. Therefore, in everyday use the top tether makes it quite difficult to get a squirming toddler into place – but there were no complaints from the test pilot about the seat being uncomfortable, so I would say it is suitable for long journeys, even without the comfort insert! Also, in everyday use I found myself unclipping the belt clip by mistake when I was trying to loosen the harness. I only used the seat for a week so I’m sure after some time I would have automatically used the correct button!

Accessories? The HY5 comes with a rechargeable pump that works with USB so you can charge it anywhere. The seat will also inflate with a manual bike pump so you’ll never be stuck. There are various accessories available such as cup holders, a separate travel bag and a comfort insert.

Safety? The Nachfolger HY5 is tested to UN ECE R44/04 standard as well as having TÜV aircraft approval (along with the HY5 travelkit+). Only 2 seats are approved for this use in the EU – see our review of the Diono Radian 5 here.

The HY5 is suitable for 0-18kg which means it will work from newborn to the weight of an average 4-year-old – keeping them safely rear facing throughout.

Why you’ll want one? Light, easy to transport, Airline approved

Why you won’t? If you don’t travel regularly it does seem pricey for a spare seat

Seat: Nachfolger HY5
Weight limit: 0-18kg
Fixing: Seat belt
RRP: €349
Star Rating: 4* (as it will be mainly used as a temporary seat the price is off-putting)

Disclaimer – Wheelsforwomen was loaned this car seat by Winnie at to review. All reviews are unbiased and honest, this is not a sponsored post


Suzanne Keane
28th June, 2019

Author: Suzanne Keane

A confirmed petrol head with a penchant for Retro VW’s, Suzanne has been taking apart (and sometimes putting back together) her own cars for years! You can follow Suzanne on Twitter at @_suzannekeane

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