Ruth Scott drives the new Ford Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost Zetec

ruth_fiestaGuest Reviewer, RTÉ 2FM’s Ruth Scott Drives the New Ford Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost Zetec

When word got to the house that the Ford Fiesta was coming to visit for a week, the news was treated as if a cuddly toy was coming to visit. Cries of “oh that’ll be so cute & cuddly” were heard! The expectation was of a dinky car. Fast forward the arrival & we were all fairly surprised. Firstly my boyfriend’s hockey bag fitted in the boot. Let me explain; he’s a hockey goalie & needs a huge bag of bulky over-sized protective gear (delicate munchkin that he is!).

The Fiesta 1.0 litre Eco Boost is bigger than I expected although not oversized by any stretch. It’s not a “look at me” car. This is a reliable and steady drive. It’s a very comfortable car to nip around town and tackle the to-do list. It’s so maneuverable, with great visibility all round, that parallel parking was completely manageable.

Sturdily built, it easily handled a motorway trip to visit the family in the West of Ireland. It even kindly had a little indicator light to let me know when to gear up, hence more fuel efficiency. Once I hit the West, I had uncles coming out of the woodwork dying to know what the car was like to drive. They still have a soft spot for the Fiesta and not without good reason, many having learned to drive in one.

With kids of their own now reaching driving age, Ford’s “My Key” system allows them to set a number of parameters for speed and other factors (e.g. disabling audio until seatbelts are fastened), meaning the Fiesta still allows little Jane or Johnny to go for a spin while allowing mum & dad some more peace of mind.

The car is brilliant for motorists who may not do sufficient mileage to merit getting a diesel car. Here’s the science!: It was the first of the small-sized turbo petrol engines that are helping petrol to make a comeback in the minds of motorists in Ireland. A big tick for fuel efficiency.

The Fuel Eco function on the dash will even give you a score on how well you’ve done at gear shifting, anticipation & speed. Might seem a bit over the top in this car but ultimately you get more bang for your petrol buck if you’re checking to see how well you’re doing. (FYI my gear shifting is terrible but at least I know!). I don’t mean to sound rude but I was really not expecting an eco stop/start function in the Fiesta. Made for quite an interesting first experience at my first set of traffic lights!

Would I give the girls a lift? I wouldn’t fill the car with my girl chums & go for a Route 66 style 3 week road trip but I would definitely be happy bringing a car load to a wedding. Loads of room in the back seat for legs & plenty of room in the boot for hats, bags & flip-flops (crucial for the late night wedding dancing).

Are the radio and phone/Bluetooth functions easy to use? They are incredibly simple to use & connect – just right. How lovely to be able to boss my car around! By that I mean I could give audio commands to the stereo & phone functions. For bonus points, check out the Sync function where the car will read your text message to you!!!

What other bits did I like? Hill start assist, easy-to-use air-conditioning, a streamlined dashboard – all just right. The steering wasn’t too heavy & not too light – just perfectly balanced.  In fact, if Goldilocks had wandered into a car showroom looking for a fuel-efficient car with nice extras, this would be the baby bear. Just right!

Ruth Scott

24th June,  2014

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Author: Ruth Scott

Ruth’s earliest memory is of family trips in a Hilman Hunter. Nothing spectacular about that you might think; except there were 8 kids, 2 parents & an aunty who was a nun. She had to get the front seat! From there, the Scott family progressed to an orange Opel Kadett. After getting driving lessons for her 21st birthday, Ruth took to the road from her hometown of Roscommon to working in Limerick until she drove her car in the hard shoulder up to Dublin to start work with 2fm. Since then, Ruth was a (nervous) Navigator in Punchestown at a rally in a Kia. She learned how to ride a Harley Davidson 883 sportster. A case of 2 wheels good; 4 wheels better, Ruth moved back to 4 wheels with aplomb. You can follow Ruth on twitter @DJRuthScott

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