Ruth Scott drives the Citroën C4 Cactus


The  C4 Cactus is a return to what Citroën do so well and our Guest Reviewer, RTÉ 2FM’s Ruth Scott has been checking it out.

If you want people to stop and stare at your car, the Citroen C4 Cactus should be at the top of your shopping list!

There are a multitude of plus points to the very funky Citroen Cactus. It has a utilitarian and robust-looking exterior. The feature that really draws the eye is the large Airbumps on each side. Five little rows of three bumps makes for a unique and quirky look. The airbumps are available in contrasting colours and prevent excessive scratching and dings from overly exuberant neighbours’ doors or small parking spaces.

I enjoyed driving this car, moreso on shorter journeys. The Citroen Cactus hasn’t seen a carbohydrate in a long time, has lost about 200kg & is now incredibly efficient for a petrol car. It felt a little light and skittish on the windy M4 for my liking. The seats are really comfortable and I liked the slightly raised driving position.


The interior is very sleek. The dashboard is completely flat; not change-a-nappy flat, but certainly strikingly bare. The glove box doesn’t disrupt the sleek line of the dashboard. You open it in the way you would open the lid off a box. In fact, there are notes of leather, fabric and chrome both at the glovebox and dotted around the interior that give it a feel of luxury. I didn’t want to put my grubby old gym bag in the front seat. I felt it deserved a Downton Abbey style travelling case, put there by Carson the butler. Because the glovebox is so unusual, I had great fun playing find-the-front-passenger airbag! It’s there, no fear!

The back seat has a completely flat bench style seat, which pleases me. I am an occasional back-seat adult and hate nothing more than sitting in a pre-divided seat in an otherwise empty back row. Plenty of legroom in the Citroen Cactus.

There are lots of things controlled by the touch screen display on the dashboard. I’m not personally a fan of touch screen but it maintains an uncluttered interior. It’s fuel efficiency is really great. It has cruis control, hill assist, aircon, a boot that wouldn’t shirk its duties by any stretch, leather steering wheel, plenty of storage and customsiable Airbump

After a week of driving it, I like it. I really did! However, it felt like meeting a really nice, funny, handsome, smart and charming man and being let down because there was just no chemistry between us! Even though it wasn’t ultimately my cup of tea, this is a great car and will make someone a wonderful husba… I mean car!


Ruth Scott

29th May, 2015

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Author: Ruth Scott

Ruth’s earliest memory is of family trips in a Hilman Hunter. Nothing spectacular about that you might think; except there were 8 kids, 2 parents & an aunty who was a nun. She had to get the front seat! From there, the Scott family progressed to an orange Opel Kadett. After getting driving lessons for her 21st birthday, Ruth took to the road from her hometown of Roscommon to working in Limerick until she drove her car in the hard shoulder up to Dublin to start work with 2fm. Since then, Ruth was a (nervous) Navigator in Punchestown at a rally in a Kia. She learned how to ride a Harley Davidson 883 sportster. A case of 2 wheels good; 4 wheels better, Ruth moved back to 4 wheels with aplomb. You can follow Ruth on twitter @DJRuthScott

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