Susan Smyth’s First Car …..

Ford Fiesta MK3

Ford Fiesta MK3

What was your first car and why did you buy it?  My first car was a black Ford Fiesta 1.1 mark 3, with a C reg, the reason I bought the car was because I had dreamed of driving from the age of 15 & after my lessons literally could not wait to get motoring!  I loved the fiesta the second I saw it, it was black & at the time “the newer model” I was 21.

What did you pay for it? It was 2850 pounds, at that time second hand cars still held value, I bargained the seller down by about 50 pounds!

How did it change your life? The car changed my life in so many ways, freedom being the biggest change, every night I would drive around the city for about two hours listening to music with my sister and chatting, also it was the only place in the world where I could sing in peace! It meant no longer having to rely on public transport or other people for lifts & I got to engage in my absolute favourite thing on a regular basis which is in fact driving!

What was the longest trip you took in the car? The longest trip was from Dublin to Co. Mayo.

What was your best memory or most memorable moment in the car? I suppose my most memorable moment in the car was when I arrived safely to my brothers house in the west of Ireland, I was living in Dublin & had just broken up with my boyfriend and needed some head space, I was driving for only 4 weeks at the time and was extremely nervous at the prospect of driving from the east of the country to the west, without a Sat Nav I might add!  The journey took 4 hours and although I was nervous, I felt a massive sense of independence, plus I didn’t get lost!

What was your worst memory associated with the car? My worst memory was when the wheel on the right hand side came off as I turned up a hill into a housing estate.  There had been a knocking in the steering wheel for quite some time & I was told time and again to have the ball joint checked. I never in a million years believed the wheel could actually come off, I remember hearing a noise and a guy shouted over “excuse me your wheel has come off” I got out in a panic and saw the damage, at the time I had no money, my insurance was up the following day and tax was due, I was ill advised at the time to give the car away for scrap, which regrettably I did.

How long did you keep your first car?I kept the car for about two and a half years & missed it terribly when it was gone.

Susan Smyth

31st January, 2014


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