What Can You Tell About A Person From Their Car or Even Cars?

The Family Years!

The Family Years!

The cars we choose to own can tell a lot about where we are in life. They are often chosen for reasons that reflect changing priorities or income. Does your car ownership history look anything like this?

The Battered Supermini Years

MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 showed us a world where spoilt teenagers were handed the keys to a brand new Range Rover or Porsche on their sixteenth birthdays. Unless you have very well off and generous parents it’s not going to happen for most of us – the first car is most likely a second-hand supermini that’s seen better days. But at seventeen you don’t care because it’s your very first car and for the first time you have your own independence. You can drive anywhere and mammy and daddy need never know. Freedom!


Swanky New Job Requires a Swanky New Car

So now we have landed our first job and much to our parent’s relief we are at last out in the big bad world fending for ourselves. What better way to make a statement to say I’m a grown up now than to buy a proper grown up car? Some may play it safe and replace the battered supermini with a brand new one. The other option is to buy something really flash and impractical. Or why not get on the premium ladder and buy one of those luxury German hatchbacks?


The F Word

The time has come when it’s no longer just about finding a car that will fit just you and your handbag comfortably anymore. You need something practical that will accommodate your new entourage and all the extra baggage that comes with just taking a simple trip to the supermarket. When looking for your new family car you will get really excited when the salesperson talks about flexible seating arrangements and child observation mirrors.  You could ease yourself in gently into this new lifestyle and get a nice 5-door hatchback. But already you know the smart choice is one of those MPV things that you never really paid attention too but now are looking like a really good option.


Empty Nesting

The children are grown up and the MPV is looking a little bit empty now. You feel sad for about a day before you realise that you are now free to buy that sexy sports car! With your imminent return to a second youth you might even try one of those funky new city cars – the only decision that has to be made now is what colour do I want the roof finished in?



You want a nice sensible car that will get you to the shops and back with little fuss or fanfare – preferably in grey, silver or black. A new supermini is an option but one of those new-fangled crossovers with their high seating position is looking more and more attractive. Easy to get in and out of and plenty of room for the dog too!

Of course there will always be the septuagenarians driving sports cars and the mums refusing to surrender the three door coupé for a sensible car!!

What sort of story does your car ownership history tell?



11th July, 2013


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