Win a Nextbase Dash Cam 312GW

Protect yourself in the event of an accident with a NextBase 312GW Dash Cam worth €119

Sales of dashboard-mounted cameras are nearly doubling each year and it is easy to understand why, In the event of an accident, first-hand evidence can be provided as a HD quality recording of the incident along with a map, time, date, and the speed.

With inbuilt Wi-Fi, GPS logging and an accompanying smartphone app, the Nextbase 312GW is the most connected mid-range Dash Cam on the market. The 312GW reflects the modern connected world with inbuilt Wi-Fi that allows you to connect it directly with your smartphone or tablet. Once a connection is made, you can download your recorded videos and share or even edit using the Nextbase CamViewer App and Nextbase Replay 3 editing software. On top of that, the 312GW boasts 1080p high-definition recording, GPS mapping, and a 140-degree wide angle.

To be in with a chance to win this fabulous prize all you have to do is then tell us in the box why you need a dashcam!

Terms and Conditions
Closing date: Midnight 20th January 2019. Open to Irish residents only. Entrants must be aged 18 or over. One entry per person. Winners will be chosen at random on 21st January 2019. Judges decision is final. No cash alternative. the Winner will be notified by email on the 21st January 2019.

14th January 2019

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  1. I need a dash cam for the family car because we’ve had a few near misses due to other people driving recklessly. A dash cam would provide evidence in the event of something happening

  2. So I am covered if something unfortunate happens

  3. I would like a dashcam because you can’t trust men drivers and the dashcam will help prove it. Plus road rage is so common now it would be great to be able to record these type of incidents. Might help bring the insurance down too which would be a bonus !!

  4. Apart from the usefulness of a dashcam in an accident, theyre a great way to record the landscape while driving a scenic route

  5. I would Feel safer on the road

  6. A dash cam is the only way of clearly showing what happens in the case of an accident, rather than trying to rely on witnesses! They should be compulsory with every insurance policy.

  7. I hope never to need it in an accident scenario but for myself.and my soon to be driving twin sons, I would like a good dashcam …. As well as record the road trips we are planning on this summer to visit places ‘locally’ in the west we haven’t yet got to!

  8. I’m driving for a living now for 15 yrs,I’d feel much safer with a dashcam

  9. Simple answer is everyone should have one now to prove who is right or wrong in an accident. Hopefully will never need to use it but great peace of mind. I also feel it would encourage us to drive safer.

  10. I need one as I commute from countryside to city & the lack of indicators & rushed bad decisions I see on my commute is shocking! I’d feel safer too knowing I have one.

  11. Have been looking into purchasing a Dash cam as there highly recommended by lots of people as proof of accidents etc. with the ever increasing fake claims etc everyone could do with one of these. And having got a new car on Friday I’d love to win.

  12. Brilliant prize to have in the car for peace of mind! Thankfully I would class myself as a very safe & respectful driver on the road but as we know it’s not always the case for others who often are not honest about taking the blame in situations that occur so having this would be fab!

  13. It would make me feel safer .

  14. Would love a dashcam ad the amount of times other drivers pull out in front of you or pedestrians walk off the path without looking is scary and my nerves are shattered cause you know you will be to blame unless there is a witness and with a dashcam there will always be a witness.

  15. Because I just got my Nextbase dashcam stolen from my car!
    I can provide a Pulse ID if required to prove it.
    I loved that dashcam but really can’t afford to replace mine.
    It gave great peace of mind and actually stopped someone making a false claim against me. So it had paid for itself.
    I so want to replace it, feel vulnerable without it.

  16. With 2 young kids Inthink a dash cam is a great item to provide that little bit of assurance if we were ever involved in an accident that there was a dispute around it was also good for showing the kids deers that grazed in front of our jeep at night unfortunately it was stolen a few days ago

  17. With the price of insurance these days, and the amount of fake claims, this would be ideal. It would make me feel safer known that god forbid an accident did occur, it would all be recorded.

  18. So important on the road every car should have one, it’s piece of mind, l need one for my family

    Fingers crossed

  19. Too many scams happening so a dash cam would be fabulous fitted to car and always have proof if involved in accident

  20. Drive the M50 every day and see so much dangerous driving would love a dashcam in case I’m ever involved in a collision caused by these drivers

  21. Two learner drivers in my house learning to drive in my car. Would be great to help them learn to drive safely and would be safe from insurance scams.

  22. I think these are an excellent idea if you can afford it. It will help identify who was in the right or wrong and maybe even reduce the cost of insurance for sensible drivers

  23. There are a lot of crazy drivers where I live so I would feel safer with a dash cam

  24. I would love one and have been meaning to buy one , but always another bill priority. It’s a must have in a car as I have had people drive out infront of my car and not indicating. Difficult to prove if ever an accident occurs. I would feel like I had a safety buddy on board with me as I can get anxious sometimes in busy traffic.
    I also think it should be compulsory on ever car insurance policy and a large discount on car insurance if one installed in car or discount offered towards purchase of one to all car insurance customers
    If everyone had one drivers of all ages might become more observant or obey road rules 🙂

  25. Handy for the daughter’s car in case of an accident.

  26. Necessary piece of motoring equipment.

  27. Would love to win a Dashcam as I think everyone should have 1 just in case of an accident you will have the footage of exactly what happens

  28. A great prize great for capturing the countryside and for helping you if your car is damaged by an accident or a break in

  29. I would love to win it for my daughter niamh McGuinness, she is never of the road bringing her children to music Irish dancing swimming football and taking me to wherever I need to go and she works outside the home I would be very happy if she had a third eye watching out for her

  30. I would love to win for my daughter niamh McGuinness as she is never of the road bringing her children to football music Irish dancing swimming and me wherever I need to go

  31. As my Grandmother used to say “Doesn’t matter how Good a driver you are, you always have to worry about the other fell”… Please God wouldn’t need it but it’s reassuring to have it recording 😉

  32. Amazing prize. A necessary piece of equipment for any driver. Good luck all

  33. It would give me piece of mind as a few years ago a crazy neighbour tried to drive me off of the road and it wasn’t the first time

  34. I do lots of driving with my work and I see lots of craziness on the road almost daily.
    It would give a great peace of mind if I was ever in an accident to have a dash cam.

  35. I want a dashcam to protect my wife from scammers when she is driving with our Grandchildren in the car and the youngest is only 5 weeks old.

  36. Would need this to keep me safe while driving alone

  37. Obviously I would love one to give me piece of mind whilst out driving alone, I’ve had so many near misses because of other drivers. It would provide video evidence if I needed it (or perhaps for the one in front).
    Also I wouldn’t have to come home and say “you wouldn’t believe the carry on I just saw”

  38. The same story told by two people always becomes two different stories

  39. As a farmer I m driving on back roads all the time and always thoughta dash cam would be very useful on case of an accident

  40. I was In a crash in August of last year just a week after my daughter’s 1th birthday. A lady ran a red light and drove true the front of my car if It was 2 seconds later myself or daughter would have been really hurt. If I had a cam I wouldn’t have to wait for all the legal stuff to go true. This would be perfect for when I get a new car and back driving again.

  41. I have always wanted one especially when parking more than once I came out from
    Shopping to find someone had backed into or tipped my car😭

  42. A dash cam would be perfect to know id have a bit of security if there was an accident as there are alot scams and chancers. Everyone should have one

  43. Just the security of it and you can record the beauty of Ireland would love to win

  44. The security of it and you can record the beauty of Ireland would love to win

  45. Think they are an asset when driving great to have a record of something in case it’s needed GPS handy too Best part seeing all the quare things that happen when you are just driving along

  46. I would love to win a dashcam to record my trip to and fro from work in Ashbourne everyday. It’s a twisty long trip taking 25 mins each way. Have been doing it for over a year now. Most days I meet cars, vans , trucks, horses or cyclists in the middle of the road not to mention the amount of cars I meet coming at me while the driver is on the phone and not paying attention. There’s been many scary moments to say the least. Always planned to buy one but other necessities are always put ahead . 🤞

  47. In the event of an accident first hand evidence can be provided as a high definition quality recording of the incident along with a map,time, date and the speed.
    Don’t leave home without it.

  48. I have this model already but would love to have another for my wife.

  49. I do a lot of motorway miles and it’s crazy the things people do on the roads these days. I’m currently using my husbands Nextbase 312GW but I really need my own incase some crazy loon crashes into me while texting!! Great competition xx

  50. I would love to win your amazing prize as it would be great piece of mind in the event of a accident or while travelling alone it would give added extra security. A fantastic giveaway.

  51. My iphone was taken
    In a car break-in
    I feel forsaken
    If I won this
    My sense of security would reawaken.

  52. Hopefully I’ll never need but I would love one to help protect my daughter when she starts driving in a couple of months, so she can’t be taken advantage of if something does happen. Also they are great for recording the things you don’t expect to see and wish you could have caught it on film/picture.

  53. A great tool to have in the car. Everyone should have one to record the madness that goes on on the roads…

  54. If I am involved in an accident,it would be genuine evidence that I was or not in the wrong,and not just he said she said scenario. There are a lot of drivers on the Irish roads who don’t know the rules of the road unfortunatelt,and this could be a reason for accident happening. I am a good driver, who has driven in many countries in Europe ,Asia and Canada,never an accident so far..I love driving .

  55. I’ve seen too many people skipping red lights lately. It’s time to watch out for myself.

  56. Need the dashcam for protection! Recently a delivery truck crashed into my car while was parked on shops parking lot and cannot give proof straight away need to get the shop to check their feeds and that is taking ages….. absolutely heartbroken over this. On the process saving for a great dashcam but if be the lucky winner can invest to a large memory card so can keep the cam rolling 24/7!

  57. I don’t have one, would be an asset in the event of an accident and they’re becoming part and parcel of owning a car.

  58. I’d love one for the obvious reason, in case of an accident…. had an eejit jam on the brakes right in front of me recently, think he realized he was going the wrong way but nearly caused a huge pile up 🤬 would have loved evidence

  59. Because it would give me confidence when I am driving, in the event of an accident.

  60. To capture journeys of beautiful Ireland and prevent insurance fraud incidents.

  61. I would absolutely love a Dash Cam. Driving around the roads in North Clare is bloody dangerous. Have never seen such bad driving. Amazed there aren’t more accidents on the roads. Please count me in for this magnificent prize.

  62. With the number of dangerous drivers using the roads on a daily basis that shouldn’t even deserve to have a driving license I’d like to have this dashcam as proof of my driving and an added safety and security backup in the unfortunate case of an accident,I believe everybody should have a dashcam these days and insurance companies need to make it more financially beneficial to encourage everybody to install one.

  63. As a sales rep I spend most of my time on the roads of Munster . I cover 40000 miles a yaar and see some hary stuff almost every day . People are so careless when driving it drives me mad 😡. A dash cam would be a welcome addition for my peace of mind . Thanks for the opportunity to win one

  64. A must for all drivers as a learner driver myself this would be essential to my every day driving. It offers peace of mind for drivers in case of an accident. It will help put a stop to fraudulent insurance cases and help both drivers and insurance companies.

  65. I would love to win this fantastic prize, dash cams are a great idea it would definitely give me peace of mind on the road, the roads are getting more dangerous unfortunately

  66. Would love to win it for the peace of mind. I drive a lot of country roads and always think a truck or tractor could scrape the car or knock off the wing mirror as they drive past and you’d have no comeback if they didn’t stop. This would solve that problem and many more!

  67. I’m a community based carer. It means I’m on the road all day,on very dodgy rural roads. I’m almost in an accident every few days whether it’s lunatic drivers, farm machinery or livestock, I’ve seen it all. I’m a very careful driver but with most of these roads being unmarked, insurers will always deem an accident to be 50/50 regardless of who’s at fault. I’ve had this experience and someone else’s bad driving cost me my car. This dash came would definitely put my mind at ease.

  68. I believe they are a real asset to driving, especially if I’m on my own in the car, a true account of any incident is recorded. Yes, please!

  69. I need one because a car reversed into me last week and then tried to show me a scratch on his bumper that was years old. If I had a dashcam I could have proved I was in the right

  70. Using Dash Cams mean better drivers and safer roads.

  71. I’d love a dashcam because it would make me feel safe when I’m driving.

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