How To Build a Motorcycle Exhaust

Riding a motorcycle feels great and your roar down the open road

It is even better when you perfectly tune the sound to your taste. While you may have found, for example, Jeep Wrangler performance exhaust systems for your SUV, you may not realize you can customize your bike’s exhaust too. If you want to get the perfect noise, you want to create a custom exhaust.

Measure the Motorcycle

Building a custom exhaust starts with measuring the dimensions of the bike. Measure from the head exhaust pipe to the foot pegs. Measure from the foot pegs to the rear of the bike. These two key measurements will guide your design process. However, it can be a good idea to sketch out your bike with measurements of each part of the area where your exhaust will go.

Plan the Exhaust

Before you run to buy the loudest performance muffler you can find, take a moment to sketch out the exhaust system you want. This will help you to order the right components for your bike. Consider talking to a representative of the brand you plan on buying from, he or she will be able to help guide you in finding the right components for the sound you want.

Get the Parts

Naturally, the next step is to order the parts you need for your bike. You can order a custom builder kit or purchase parts separately. These will include pieces such as straights, bends, collectors and resonators. Generally, the straighter your exhaust, the more noise it will make. However, straight piping doesn’t necessarily sound the best and may even be illegal where you live.

Lay Everything Out

Building a motorcycle exhaust system involves welding and cutting pieces so they will fit together properly. Don’t try to just straight into it. Instead, lay everything out on the ground. If you need to, consider temporarily mounting parts on your bike to make sure the fit is right. As with any other job, it is best to measure twice and cut (or weld) once.

Put It Together

The final step is to weld the exhaust together and mount it onto your bike. This can be a relatively-advanced job. So, you may want to consider hiring a professional to ensure the job is done right. If you are an experienced welder or are simply feeling confident, you can do it yourself. Take your time and get everything lined up correctly and measured out before making any joints.

Once you have everything together and in place, you are ready to take your bike for a spin. It is a glorious experience to hear your motorcycle roar with its new exhaust for the first time. A custom job can be challenging but it is worth it for that sound.

Get Started

Building a custom exhaust is easier when you are working with high-quality parts. Check out some of the best catalytic converters, mufflers, pipes, collectors and other parts for your bike. Everything fits together more easily and sound better when you work with the right components. Get started today.

20th September 2019

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