Ruth Scott drives the Toyota Auris Hybrid


Our Guest Reviewer, RTÉ 2FM’s Ruth Scott has been checking out Toyota’s super frugal Auris Hybrid

Don’t take this the wrong way as it is in fact, a glowing reference. I barely noticed the Toyota Auris Hybrid for the week that I had it to test drive. Before you jump to the wrong conclusion, let me explain. It fitted in just perfectly. No drama. I absorbed the car so easily into my life. From groceries to driving two colleagues to a meeting, with stacks of luggage in the car and the backseat passenger  having loads of room for his laptop on his knee, this car is like the mammy in the Waltons. Nothing phased her!

It’s a hybrid. No, you don’t have to plug it in! Obligatory science-y bit: braking charges the battery which you then use for things like reversing, loitering at traffic lights or waiting for the chicken to cross the road.

There are three settings – which you can change even as you’re driving. Eco, EV and Power. The Eco and EV are ideal for around town and in fact motorway driving too. The Power option is great if you’re on a single-lane carriageway and need a bit of welly to overtake.

Dashboards are getting simpler and more streamlined and this is no exception. It gives a lovely feeling of space. The touchscreen in the traditional radio location has loads of function, bluetooth, technical details, radio station (2fm I hope!) These are mirrored in a small display in your line of sight in front of the steering wheel.

In your line of sight, along with the speedometer, you have a dial that will show if your current acceleration level is in fact charging the car and more importantly it has two more sections that will show if you’re driving in an eco manner or in the “power” bracket,Obvious plus is that you can observe your fuel consumption as such.

I guess it’s the ultimate thumbs-up that I enjoyed driving the car so much that nothing stuck out like sore thumb. I love driving an automatic. I get to rest my left elbow and feel very chill about life! Along with the  manually adjusted seat and the electric lumbar support (bliss!), it makes for a physically relaxing drive. There’s great visibility out the back windows; something I judge by a very awkward fork in the road near the family home. The Toyota Auris Hybrid was a no-brainer there. It’s an easy car to reverse, and even more so since it has a nifty reversing camera.

A fuss free week of driving, whats not to like about this super quiet Hybrid.


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Ruth Scott

11th August, 2015

Author: Ruth Scott

Ruth’s earliest memory is of family trips in a Hilman Hunter. Nothing spectacular about that you might think; except there were 8 kids, 2 parents & an aunty who was a nun. She had to get the front seat! From there, the Scott family progressed to an orange Opel Kadett. After getting driving lessons for her 21st birthday, Ruth took to the road from her hometown of Roscommon to working in Limerick until she drove her car in the hard shoulder up to Dublin to start work with 2fm. Since then, Ruth was a (nervous) Navigator in Punchestown at a rally in a Kia. She learned how to ride a Harley Davidson 883 sportster. A case of 2 wheels good; 4 wheels better, Ruth moved back to 4 wheels with aplomb. You can follow Ruth on twitter @DJRuthScott

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