Saving Money on Your Car Insurance

Our friends in Blue Insurance have some ways to save money when insuring your car

Saving on your car insurance can seem like an impossible task, However, by understanding the following factors, you can be in the strongest position possible as you start to shop around:

Your Car:

Factors like age, model, engine size and number of drivers will massively impact on the premium you are offered. In some cases, it may even be worth or changing your car to get a premium that makes sense. Have your car valued by multiple sources, this way you won’t end up over insuring your car and paying more on your policy.


Levels of Cover and excess fees:

Depending on how much your car is worth, you may not wish to opt for a fully comprehensive policy. By getting a lower level of cover i.e. third-party, fire and theft from your insurer, you will end up paying less on the policy itself. You can also agree to pay a higher excess fee in the event of a claim meaning that your premium will cost you less. Just make sure you have the excess available in case the worst happens.


Your Profession:

If you are clear about your job (Accountant, Sales Manager, PR Specialist) insurers are more likely to understand what that means as opposed to the “Global Director for Logistical Adherence” and they may rate you in a lower category – which saves you money!


Your experience:

Any previous named driver experience in which you made no claims or received no penalty points may also help to reduce your premium for your own car.


Ditch the monthly payments and take the hit:

Although car insurance premiums aren’t cheap, you can always save money by paying your premium in one large instalment. Direct debit options can be massively convenient, but they usually cost the insured party more over the term.


Multiple product discounts:

Insurance companies will usually offer their existing customers incentives to buy their other products and services. These incentives offer a great opportunity to get quick discounts. For example, Blue Insurance customers receive a further discount of €25 when they buy both home and car insurance together.


Multiple Year Policies:

One way in which you can be certain of making savings is by purchasing a multiyear cover policy. Blue Insurance is offering a 2-Year car insurance policy meaning you won’t have to worry about rising premiums each year and can enjoy a 15% saving based on two 1 year policies versus a 2 year policy. Not only will you save money, but you’ll save yourself the stress of renewing in 12 months’ time.


Blue Insurance Group is a multi-award winning Irish Company that specialises in a range of insurance products, including car and home. Some of Blue’s other successful brands are Multitrip.comGadgetInsurance.comCarHireExcess.ieBackpackerTravelInsurance.ie and PetInsurance.ie.


8th March, 2018

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