Ten things to know about the Ford Transit

Sabine Schmitz driving the transit van at Nurburgring

Sabine Schmitz driving the transit van at Nurburgring

  1. The Ford Transit was launched in 1965 and it became an instant success due partly to the wide variety of body styles on offer.
  2. It could have been launched as the “V-Series” but a last-minute decision saw it adopt the Transit name, which had first appeared on the German FK van in 1960 when that model became known as the Taunus Transit.
  3. The fourth generation of the Transit was both front- and all-wheel drive for the first time.
  4. The Transit was the first van to have the option of a side loading door with a step
  5. To demonstrate the durability of its new diesel engine, two Ford Transits drove flat-out for a week non-stop at the high-speed Monza race circuit in 1972, breaking three world endurance records, including 16,000 kms at an average speed of 118.583 km/h
  6. It was a Mark IV generation Transit that appeared in Top Gear in 2005, when German race driver Sabine Schmitz attempted to drive it around the Nürburgring in under ten minutes, matching Jeremy Clarkson’s time in a turbo diesel Jaguar S-Type.
  7. The last Transit left the Southampton facility in the UK in July 2013, with main production and moved to Turkey.
  8. As part of a small manufacturing programme, some 1,745 Transit models were produced at the Cork Marina facility during the late 1960s.
  9. In 2006 Ford created the ultimate people mover in the shape of this one-off stretch limousine called the Transit XXL. Sitting at 7.4 metres long the XXL has four sliding side doors, plus seven leather-trimmed Captain‘s chairs with lots of legroom and a personal video screen for each of the passengers.
  10. Over 125,000 Transits have been sold in Ireland over those five decades.


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13th January, 2016


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  1. Average speed of 583 km/h ??? How accurate are The rest of your stats & numbers? ? Check & double check!!!

  2. Hi there, I think you will find it reads 118.583 km/h – but thanks for taking the time to comment

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