Things Every Car Lover Should Have in Their Garage

A ‘car lover’ doesn’t love their car alone. The true enthusiast acknowledges that the car is merely the summation of hard work and expert craftsmanship.

Design, expertise, genius level innovation; a dose of each can be found as any engine roars into life. It’s clear that cars aren’t just aesthetically pleasing to the true car lover; they’re marvels of ingenuity.
The garage is the place to show your respect for this fact. You can only show love to your car by giving it a good storage space with Auto Vault and every such area should be equipped with the finest gear your wheels could ask for. Consequently, here’s a quickfire list of the essentials you’ll undoubtedly need in your garage.

Decent Lighting

Obvious, but it needs stating all the same. Garages can scrounge up a reputation of being a dark and dirty place, but you needn’t abide by this stereotype. If you’re a car lover, you’ll want to see your baby in all it’s glory; whether you’re marvelling at its beauty or keen to do some tinkering. In any case, you need a perfect view to know what you’re doing!
Investing in quality lighting is a must. After all, some garages don’t typically come with windows and natural lighting, and even if yours does you may not want to step away come nightfall. Get a big beam blaster fixed to the ceiling so that nothing escapes your notice at car time. After all, you can’t really do much in the dark anyway…


Tool Chests

Frankly, tool boxes are old fashioned. They’re something that sits in the corner of an indifferent car owners garage gathering dust, whipped out only for the ‘serious’ jobs. They contain few tools, mainly the vital ones, and don’t really offer a full arsenal of intricate instruments. The toolbox never allowed one to customise a better life, they only allowed the fixing of a basic one.
However, a tool chest is a step up in every regard. If you’re a car lover, you need one to give you that extra edge. They’re more spacious and can often be wheeled around elegantly instead of lugged around awkwardly like the toolbox. Moreover, they’re easily obtained too, and are a perk for everyone to enjoy rather than the lucky few. It’s luxury in its simplest form! You can’t go wrong here, and their tops make for a handy space to rest a drink and some biscuits on too!


Safety Gear

Getting grubby with your cars is brilliant, but it’s not worth the bother if you’re not doing it safely. Before you do anything, yours and other’s wellbeing must be considered and made the priority here. Fortunately, safety equipment isn’t too hard to come by, and changes the garage game for the better by ensuring a protected environment.
Moreover, there’s something to be said for looking the part, even on just an aesthetics level. It can boost confidence and give you knowhow in how to do things properly. Knowhow isn’t about cutting corners or the easy way to do things, but the proper way. Make sure you’ve taken the appropriate precautions before acting on your passions. Work hard with the groan inducing safety measures, then play all the harder for it.


16th August, 2018

Author: wheelsforwomen

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