WIN – A Notos solar charger

We have a super eco-friendly gadget to giveaway, a solar charger

Want to charge your phone without having to rely on a mains power supply, or a battery? Solar Chargers mean you can keep your phone topped up regularly whether out doors or on the go.

Notos is a compact solar power bank with a solid aluminium ring. It can be opened and attached to any window with a simple twist to collect solar energy and boost your mobile devices. The power bank provides 2200 mAh capacity with an output 5V/1A and input 5V/1A. Includes a micro USB cable.

So if you would like to win this fabulous prize then all you have to do to enter is simply comment below and tell us why you should win this incredibly handy Notos solar charger worth €44.99

The competition closes at 23:00  Thursday 8th June, 2017 and the winner will be notified by the 10th of June

2nd June, 2017

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  1. I should win since I commented first, my birthday is June 7, and you want to give me a present. LOL

  2. Fantastic prize my battery just drains away it would be so handy to have when I’m out and about

  3. Great prize that would ensure my battery stays on and I don’t get lost again as my phone is my Sat Nav

  4. Just cos I should

  5. Dammit use this charger without destroying the Planet (little poem)

  6. I need to win this as I currently have a HTC (I think this stands for Hopelessly terrible charger) and would be perfect for when I’m working online using my phone out and about.

  7. I would love to win, as I would set it up in my wife’s car so she would never run out of battery on the journey home.
    By the time she gets back to the train station her battery is always on its last legs and having that there could save her a lot of stress if something goes wrong.

  8. I would love to win to charge my phone & keep it topped up regularly in eco-friendly way 🙂

  9. Yes I would love to win one as I’m always charging my phone quite a lot and also this is solar charger is so cool and eco friendly

  10. I deserve to win this super giveaway as would get great use from it and would show all my friends and spread the word.

  11. I’d love to have charger with me when I go camping! All that sun but not a socket in sight, this would be perfect for recharging my battery when I’m away in the mountains recharging my own battery 🙂

  12. I would love to win this amazing prize because I have a 12 month old and a new baby due in a couple of weeks. My battery is always dying as I am constantly on the go. Plus the idea of using such a cool environmentally friendly device is a fantastic way to go.

  13. Would love to win as the charger would save money and would be good for the environment and climate.

  14. Brilliant prize – would love to win it! Good luck everyone 😄

  15. Ooh, being able to charge your phone in the park or on Luas commute home!! I’d love to win this, as I’d use it everyday- chilling to tunes on my commute eats my battery! Help a girl out! 😉

  16. Because I’ve just celebrated my 60 birthday🎂 and because I’m worth it!

  17. it’ll keep my phone alive when i’m footing turf.

  18. What a brilliant idea! Would love this. I can’t seem to leave my phone alone long enough to charge fully when I’m at home. I can’t use it while I’m on the road so in the car would be the perfect time to charge up😀 No excuses with this!

  19. I should; as my mother’s phone line and electricity keep getting interrupted by building works nearby.

    This would keep her safe and connected.

  20. I should win because straight after doing a review on it over on my blog I’ll gift it to the sweetest person in my life who much deserves it and more. My sweet angel cath. Credit will go to where I got the device from AND and manufacturer over on my blog. Thanks.

  21. Simply save electric bills! Every cent counts.

  22. Having 3 kids and 2 adults with phones and never enough chargers -we’d save a fortune on family therapy

  23. I would love to win to charge my phone and save electricity at the same time !

  24. Ah for the absolute FEAR when you’re hill walking and on 10%. Would love to win the Notos so I can stick it where the sun shines 😉 and be solar powered up in jig time.

    PS Maybe send one to Trump cos POTUS needs a Notos…. while he can still use the sunbeams !

  25. I would love to win as I let my battery run right down daily and this would be so handy to have.

  26. Great prize I deffo need this cause me battery is useless on me phone have to charge it 3 times a day and out fishing that can be hard 😀😀😆

  27. I would love to win because it’s such a handy gadget to havejust what I need to makesure my battery is fully charged anduring main thing that’s awesome is that it’s eco friendly 😀👌

  28. Using solar energy is so eco friendly and energy bills will be reduced. Great gadget.

  29. I would love this charger as I spend a lot of time in the garden playing with the kids and playing music on my phone so to have this charging the phone while we play without worrying about it dying would be brilliant.

  30. Eco-friendly power, I love it and so does the earth!

  31. Would love this eco-friendly energy supply and the earth loves it too!

  32. I’d love to win this because it would be a feelgood win – I’d be helping the planet too by using it! 🙂

  33. Because this is the future and I want to save the planet. Plus my battery is always flat….always 🙁

  34. Great prize. I’ve a phome, I’ve a carp battery, I’ve Windows. Now all I needcan ia the charger

  35. I should win because it is impossible to keep the teenagers phones charged in my house so I am always the one whose phone is dead when running out somewhere! This would be my emergency supply!

  36. I think I should win for our 8 year who always forgets to charge his tablet & at least he can have his own portable charger – how cool would I be if I won this for him

  37. I would love to win this because its an ideal solution for eco friendly charging on the go! Great idea!

  38. I would like to win because im heading off to a 3 day music concert “Camping!” In September and one of my worst fears was not having 24 hr power on my phone !!:’ ) this would be perfect – really hope you pick me :’ ) class Thanks E

  39. This would be handy for the summer holidays

  40. Ooooooh I should win because I can never find my charger as either my husband or son have “borrowed” it and forget to put it back!

  41. I am forever running my battery down constantly listening to my audiobooks on the go. I mean who doesn’t love being read to, it’s so comforting having the company of a story with me throughout the day.

  42. This would be perfect for going to hospital as the plugs for charging in hospital are few and far between. And I need to be able to tell everyone whether it’s a boy or girl

  43. Fabulous prize! I would love to win this prize to stop my phone running out of battery when I am away from home! It would definitely make life so much easier! Fingers crossed! xxxxx

  44. For my Birthday today😍

  45. I would love this as my charger will soon stop working.

  46. I’m forever forgetting to charge my phone and continously find my battery low. This would be amazing to have when out and about but also for work. Plus it’s Solar charged, who wouldn’t want one of these 🙂

  47. Would be a perfect way to charge my phone while recharging my own batteries on holiday.

  48. I should win cos I need this charger, this would be ideal for all our camping trips

  49. Charge me up 🙂

  50. I would like to give me and my phone some extra Vitamin D. 🙂 This prize would make my day sunny.

  51. Love this for my summer travels & concerts

  52. Can’t have enough chargers for my family.

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