Working Week – Jean Murphy

Jean Murphy, Marketing Executive with Cogans in Co. Cork

Jean Murphy, Marketing Executive with Cogans in Co. Cork


We have asked some of the many women working in motoring to share their Working Week with us.  This week we catch up with Jean Murphy, Marketing Executive with Cogans, Carrigaline, Co. Cork.


The week begins early as I am up at 7.10am and out the door for 8.10am, arriving at work around 8.50am, this depends on traffic, and the commute time from Blarney to Carrigaline varies day to day depending on traffic.

My first port of call at work is to check my emails, and see what came through over the weekend. On Friday afternoons, I plan my week ahead, this means I am straight into work. Last week we had A Parts Trade Evening Event,   in which we had various speakers covering topics such as the latest diagnostic tools, the certified steel standard and safety tips for the work place. I send thank you letters to the speakers and our guests for attending our event. I can’t think too long about the   Parts Trade Event as  I have  to think about  the launch of the all new RAV for taking place on Thursday 16th, which is shaping up to be a very exciting event. After a quick cup of tea,   my next task involves going through our car sales from last week and removing the sold cars are removed from the trading websites that we use.

The week previous we were in Mahon Point Shopping centre, with four of cars on display. At our stand we were giving passer-by’s a chance to win tickets for a Munster rugby game, so it’s now time to ring the lucky winners, which is a fun job.  I also like to give Munster rugby tickets to our customers to thank them for our business.

My first job after coming back from lunch is to update our Facebook page,   as we a GT86 going out to a well-known sports star, I post a teaser status up on our wall, which creates a bit of a buzz.  I call Toyota Ireland  about the launch of the RAV 4 and update them on our plans. I also request artwork for the 48 sheets that we plan to use to advertise the RAV 4.
As the day is coming to end, I put together my report on our recent and planned upcoming marketing activities for my weekly meeting with the directors in the morning. That’s Monday done and dusted, off home I go.


Tuesday is an even earlier start, with traffic a lot heavier than the rest of the week.  I    make it into work at 8.45 am despite leaving house at the earlier time of 07.50am. In at work I   gather my notes for my meeting, which starts promptly at 9.00am.  It’s a busy meeting for me as we have lots of activity planned for the coming weeks. After the meeting there is an excitement in the air, with our well – known sports star coming into collect the GT86 later that day.

Back at my computer I go through my   emails.  Before I know it is lunch time.  Around 3pm, I go out to the showroom, ready to greet our sports star, international and Munster rugby star Simon Zebo.  When Zebo arrives, the excitement reaches its peak as people gather for pictures and autographs. The girls and I who work here are part of that group who ask for a picture. Can you blame us? We get some great pictures of ex- Ireland and Munster rugby player Anthony Horgan, one of our sales men here at  Cogans presenting the keys to Zebo.

After all the excitement dies, it’s back to work and I send out press releases about Cogans Carrigaline presenting Simon Zebo with a 2013 GT86 model.  With the day coming to an end, I look forward to meeting my friend for our weekly walk.


It’s the middle of the week already and I just don’t know where the time goes, the day gets off to a great start, when I get a call from the Disabled Drivers Association of Ireland, with the news that dealerships have been onto them about organizing Mobility Awareness Events after hearing about the one we held back in January.   I know today is going to be a busy one as I finalize all our advertising for the launch of the RAV 4. I start off with working on our print advertising, as we plan on using two publications. I work with the designers of these publications and we come up with a design that I am happy to run with.

My next step is signing off on our 48 sheets, which will be going up in the middle of March. My attention is diverted away for the RAV 4 as I liaise with the ISPCC about their international week.  I am delighted that we have the opportunity to be getting involved in such a great cause.  Toyota.   My day is brightened up when I receive a package of entries for the Toyota art “Dream Car” competition.The Toyota  art “ Dream Car” is a national competition, in which Toyota Ireland encourage, children to come  up with their idea of a dream car. I then organize for all the entries to be sent off to Toyota Ireland. Fingers crossed we will a have winner.
The afternoon passes by in a blur of emails and phone calls, as I look at my watch to see its home time.


My plan for the morning is to work on our new finance offer, Toyota Flex, which is based on the idea of driving a new Toyota every three years. I meet with our Business Development Manager so I fully understand the package and can answer any questions that I may be asked. I have received promotional material from Toyota Ireland which I put out in the showroom for display. I take pictures of the material and send them up to Toyota Ireland.    Moving on from the finance offer, I look at our digital marketing setting, going through our Google analytics and also our Facebook insights.

I set up new advertising campaigns  for both Google and Facebook. Lunch time comes and goes, and I turn to our RAV4 launch.   I confirm that Simon Zebo is able to attend the event, to unveil the all new RAV 4. I tick off refreshments and entertainment as all being organized.  With all but everything confirmed for event, I send off the invitations to print. The countdown is on and I can’t wait for the launch night.


Friday the last day of the week and it’s all gone well so far. We are running a long term direct advertising campaign on of the local radio stations in Cork, focusing on the new model Auris, my morning is spent working with the stations script writer as we devise new ideas for Auris ad so that it remains fresh.  We have a week long promotion booked into the radio station, and I spend time filling out the information brief, the objective of the competition is to raise awareness of the  RAV 4 launch event that we are  hosting  in our showrooms. I finalize the prizes that we will be giving away part of the competition.

Friday is the day that I focus on our website and I update it with all our latest news and pictures.   I go through what I have achieved this week and plan out my next week to make sure. 5.30pm rolls around and after a busy week I look forward to a relaxing weekend.


12th March, 2013


Author: Geraldine Herbert

Motoring Editor and Columnist for the Sunday Independent and editor of wheelsforwomen. Geraldine is also a regular contributor to Good Housekeeping (UK) and to RTÉ Radio One, Newstalk, TodayFM and BBC Radio. You can follow Geraldine on Twitter at @GerHerbert1

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