Review: Axkid Modukid Infant Seat

Méabh Keane O’Regan gives the new car seat the seal of approval!

Suzanne Keane’s newest arrival Méabh test drives  the new Axkid Modukid Child Seat

What is it? A few months ago we tested out The Modukid child seat – the world’s first i-Size seat which automatically adjusts to a child’s length and size – and recently we’ve been trying out the Modukid Infant Seat that also slots into the same base or can be installed independently.

What’s in the box? The Axkid Modukid Child Seat, Infant Seat and Base are available to buy as a package or separately. The Infant Seat comes with attached ASIPs (on both sides), a newborn insert and wedge. Inside the box for the base you’ll find the base, an instruction manual and the adjustable rebound bar.

Fitting? As you’d expect from an i-Size seat the Modukid is extremely easy to fit. You’ll need to attach the adjustable rebound bar to the front of the base prior to installation. Then, the Modukid Base just clips into the ISOFIX points on your car, with green indicators to show it’s correctly attached. You can then adjust the ISOFIX arms minimise the space the base takes up in smaller cars.

Once the arms are adjusted you will then need to move the rebound bar backwards until it hits the seat of the car and clicks into place. What’s unusual about the Modukid base is the safety beep, until the support leg is correctly in place – simply extend the support leg until it hits the floor and then click into place. When the beeping stops it’s correctly installed!
The infant seat simply clicks into the base and displays a green indicator.

To release the seat there is a handle at the front of the base and it can then be removed from the car. The Modukid Infant Seat will also fit on strollers and travel systems that use Maxi Cosi adapters.
The Infant seat can be fitted using just the cars seatbelt if required. Pass the belt through the blue guides and tighten until the seat is fixed in place along the belt path.

Finally, you’ll need to open out the ASIP (side protection) to the side of the seat – whichever side is closer to the door. This ASIP can be pushed back into place when the seat is out of the car.

For more information

See if the Axkid Modukid will fit your car here

Instruction manual


Daily use? The Modukid Infant seat is the lightest on the market at 3.7kg. Our test seat arrived when baby was just a few weeks old and it slotted straight into the Modukid base in my own car with ease and also into my Maxi Cosi stroller. When it’s not being used the Modukid base is really easy to store as the support leg folds up into the base.
The seat can also be installed using a seat belt. If you’re used to belting in infant seats the belt guides may seem a little bit more awkward to use but once the belt is in place it feels more secure and the belt certainly couldn’t be knocked out of place.
We used the full newborn insert up to 3 months and then removed just the wedge – the newborn padding is unusual in comparison to other infant seats I’ve used in that it also provides cushioning for hips and legs. Axkid say that this padding is just for comfort and can be removed whenever the baby needs the space which will vary depending on the child. Conveniently the shoulder pads are attached to the straps and won’t keep falling off as with other infant seats we’ve tried!


Watch the installation video

Accessories? Once your child has outgrown the infant seat the Modukid child seat will fit straight onto the base. The support leg on the Modukid base has two levels of adjustment and will comfortably fit the majority of vehicles – however, if your seats are high or if you have floor boxes in your car you may need to get fillers from the car manufacturer for these – consult your car’s handbook for details!

Safety? The Axkid Modukid is UNR129/i-Size approved and suitable for children from approx. 0-4 years old (when using the Modukid Infant Seat at the start and moving to the Modukid Child Seat). The Modukid Infant Seat as tested was suitable for children from birth to 13kg.


Why you’ll want one? i-Size, automatically adjusting headrest and harness, easy installation, light for moving between cars, base can be used rearfacing up to 18kg with the Modukid Child Seat once the Infant Seat is outgrown.

Why you won’t? Belting the seat in will take a little longer than with other infant seats.


Seat: Axkid Modukid Infant Seat
Weight limit: 13kg (approx. 18 months)
Fixing: ISOFIX
RRP: €199 for the Modukid Infant Seat on its own or €699 for a package with the ISOFIX base and 18kg Child Seat from
Star Rating: 4.5* (all the benefits of an infant seat with Axkids additional safety features)


Suzanne Keane
3rd February 2020


Author: Suzanne Keane

A confirmed petrol head with a penchant for Retro VW’s, Suzanne has been taking apart (and sometimes putting back together) her own cars for years! You can follow Suzanne on Twitter at @_suzannekeane

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