Review: Axkid Modukid i-Size (2019)

Eoghan Keane O’Regan testing out the Axkid Modukid seat

Suzanne Keane puts the new Axkid Modukid i-Size (2019) to the test

What is it? Axkid are well known as the heavy hitters when it comes to child seat safety. Founded in Sweden 10 years ago their focus is on child safety and promotion of extended rear facing seats for families. The Axkid Minikid (review here) is one of the most popular extended rear facing seats on the market so the all new Axkid Modukid i-Size has high standards to live up to!
The Modukid is the world’s first i-Size seat which automatically adjusts to a child’s length and size and it comes in two pieces, a base that connects to the ISOFIX points in your car and a separate Child Seat that clips easily into place. An Infant Seat is expected later this month and the infant carrier will fit on the same isofix base and 90% of travel systems on the market for ease of use.

What’s in the box? The Axkid Modukid Seat and Base are available to buy as a package or separately. The Modukid Base will also fit the Modukid Infant Seat (available in September 2019). Inside the box you’ll find the base, an instruction manual and the adjustable rebound bar. The Axkid Modukid Seat comes almost fully assembled in the box with just the ASIP to attach prior to fitting in the car.

Fitting? As you’d expect from an i-Size seat the Modukid is extremely easy to fit. You’ll need to attach the adjustable rebound bar to the front of the seat prior to installation. Then, the Modukid Base just clips into the ISOFIX points on your car, with green indicators to show it’s correctly attached. You can then adjust the ISOFIX arms to the required length to give your child additional leg room or to minimise the space the seat takes up in smaller cars. Once the arms are adjusted you will then need to move the rebound bar backwards until it hits the seat of the car and clicks into place. What’s unusual about the Modukid base is the safety beep, until the support leg is correctly in place – simply extend the support leg until it hits the floor and then click into place. When the beeping stops it’s correctly installed!

To fit the seat to the base, simply pull the lever on the front of the base until the indicator is red, then slide the rear bar into place (closest to the car seat) and clip the front bar into place. The red indicator will either turn green as this clips in or you may need to push the lever backwards to lock the seat into place. Have a quick look around the seat base to make sure it’s connected properly, and all indicators are green for extra piece of mind!

Finally, you’ll need to attach the ASIP to the side of the seat – whichever side is closer to the door – or if the seat is being installed in the middle seat the ASIP isn’t necessary. Unzip the cover on the side of the seat and apply pressure while sliding the ASIP upwards to get it into place. Once installed the Modukid can be reclined as required and the headrest and strap height will automatically adjust to suit your child when you tighten the straps. To remove the seat from the base release the lever at the front and when the indicator is red the seat will just lift out of place!

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Instruction manual

Watch the installation video

Daily use? We found the Axkid Modukid to be extremely easy to use daily, even when swapping between cars. This seat was moved between 5 different cars while testing – as the base and seat are separate it was very easy and light to switch so I didn’t need help to swap cars as I normally would have at 7 months pregnant! The support leg also tucks into the base for easy flat storage.

The recline function is effortless and the automatically adjusting headrest ensures the harness is always at the correct height for your child. My toddler loved the seat and as he was sitting up quite high (due to the base lifting the seat up) he could see much more than usual. However, if your car has a very low roofline you may find it more difficult to use than a lower seat.

There was plenty of leg room for both the toddler and front passenger with the Modukid – in smaller cars we adjusted the recline and ISOFIX arms to suit and in larger cars we could extend these fully to maximise the child space in the seat. Even on full recline with the ISOFIX arms at their mid-point (2.5-year-old with legs fully stretched) there was space left over in the majority of mid-sized cars. It really does seem as if Axkid have thought of everything with this seat!

What about Accessories? The infant seat to fit the Modukid base will be available from September 2019 and the infant seat will work with 90% of travel systems on the market. The support leg has two levels of adjustment and will comfortably fit the majority of vehicles – however, if your seats are high if you have floor boxes in your car you may need to get fillers from the car manufacturer for these – consult your car’s handbook for details!

And Safety? The Axkid Modukid is UNR129/i-Size approved and suitable for children from approx. 0-4 years old (when using the Modukid Infant Seat at the start). The Modukid Seat as tested was suitable for children from 61cm to 105cm and up to 18kg.

Why you’ll want one? i-Size, automatically adjusting headrest and harness, easy installation, light for moving between cars.

Why you won’t? If your car has a very low roofline it may be difficult to lift your child into the seat without bumping their head.

Seat: Axkid Modukid i-Size (2019) Seat & Base
Height limit: 61-105cm
Weight limit: 18kg (approx. 4 years)
Fixing: ISOFIX
RRP: €499 for the Modukid Seat and Base from
Star Rating; 4.0* (a great rear facing option but expensive)

Disclaimer – Wheelsforwomen was given this car seat to review. All reviews are unbiased and honest, this is not a sponsored post


Suzanne Keane
9th September 2019

Author: Suzanne Keane

A confirmed petrol head with a penchant for Retro VW’s, Suzanne has been taking apart (and sometimes putting back together) her own cars for years! You can follow Suzanne on Twitter at @_suzannekeane

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