Claire Ronan spends a month with a Vivacious German!

Wheels for Women teamed up with Opel to give our readers a chance of winning the new Corsa for a month! Claire Ronan, our guest reviewer shares her verdict on the Vivacious German!

Having seen a photo of the new Opel Corsa turbo and being asked to write a logo for it I was delighted to discover that Wheels For Women were giving me an Opel Corsa to drive for a month and report back to them with my findings. I have to explain that even though I love looking at cars I really know very little about the innards of them, the fuel consumption and the size of the engine. Everytime I get a new car I promise myself I will read the manual but I never do sorry that’s the truth so this is an amatuers review.

I collected the car on the first of April and was equally shocked and delighted when the lovely salesman from Mc Cormacks garage brought it round to the front of the forecourt for me, it was love at first sight WoW!!! The car is bright Cherry Red with black shiny wheels. The front lights look like a pair of birds wings and the side angle of the car is slick while the back of the car has a gorgeous boot with 2 cool winged back lights. The roof is made of black glass and overall it looks like a mini batman machine!!!

The interior has every gismo and gadget including heated seats and a fully loaded steering wheel with lots of buttons it looks space like and there is a very sophisticated touch screen system which includes radio, phone,music and a fantastic sat nav system. The seats are very comfortable with lots of room in the back for passengers.

In fact the car is a joy to drive and as for the running costs I couldn’t get over how little I filled the car with each of my trips to Dublin a 500km round trip I didn’t live in the petrol station as I normally do.

This is a car that cuts a dash in fact not only did I get calls asking me what make my new cars was I also arrived back to it in its parking space a number of times where men had gathered around to discuss how gorgeous It was. I have made lots of car loving friends over the last month and finally my slogan…..

I am gorgeous inside and out and Oh yeah I rock!!!!! Certainly fits!!

Claire Ronan

7th May, 2015



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