Car Chat with Karen Koster

Karen Koster

Karen Koster

We talk cars, Taylor Swift and speed with TV3 presenter, Ford Ambassador  and first time mum Karen Koster

Who taught you to drive? An instructor.  I knew it was the only way to avoid a family feud. So for my 17th birthday, my parents bought me a course of lessons and I was raring to go!

How has been a parent changed the way you think about a car? It’s changed everything! My last car was a Peugeot 207 Cabriolet which I adored when I bought it back in 2007. It was the year Xpose launched, and sure I thought I was the business nipping around in my red convertible. Cut to New Year’s Day 2015 and our new little family is leaving the maternity hospital for the first time.  John’s car (a cherished Bentley) was in for repairs, and we’re both having a stroke trying to get the baby car seat in the front passenger seat, hoping that we’ve turned the airbags off correctly. Meanwhile I’m wedged into a tiny backseat having only just given birth a couple of days earlier! So it was on that drive home that we both went….we’re gonna need a bigger car.  So that’s why I like the Ford Kuga so much. The height is a big bonus so visibility is great and  Finn is safely tucked away in the back seat.

During your childhood, what car did your family have? My dad always drove a BMW. He’d change around slightly with the colour every few years, but it was nearly always burgundy. One of my fondest (and unsafest) memories of that car is poking my head out the sun roof while dad drove (slowish).

What is on your car stereo right now?  This is mortifying, but it’s Taylor Swift’s 1989 album.

One item you couldn’t live without? For the next several years, it’s going to be baby wipes. I get panicky if the packet gets low so now I buy in bulk.

Describe yourself in one word? Mama.

What would you do with your last litre of fuel? Drive to Sandycove Beach, watch the sunset, and then buy a Teddy’s ice cream for the walk home.

Do you have a favourite car gadget? I love being able to catch up on the phone while Finn’s napping in the car. I never had Bluetooth in a car before, so the Kuga’s Bluetooth is invaluable as it lets me chat away safely, handsfree.

What is the fastest you have ever driven (legally)? I think it was when the broadcaster Anton Savage drove me around Mondello for an Xpose piece and we must have got up to about 200km/h. The idea was that I would try and interview him while he did some stunt driving. I was lucky I didn’t see my lunch again.

What cars would be parked in your euro millions garage?  I’d treat John, but as vintage car lover, he’s got quite the shopping list. But I’d definitely buy him an Aston Martin 1967 DB6, 1959 Mercedes 190 SL, and a 1950’s 356 Speedster. I’d also buy a 1960’s Ford Mustang for Finn to be given on his 18th Birthday. And I’d be happy to stay in the Kuga. But maybe have one in every colour.


Karen Koster

24th November, 2015


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