5 tips For An Amazing Rally Weekend!

West Cork Rally

West Cork Rally

Suzanne Keane has some tips to make sure you get the best out of Rally Weekends 

1. Buy a good map or Rally Programme – We may all have sat-navs and maps on our phones these days but you can’t always guarantee signal on your smartphone (never mind 3G) and GPS isn’t 100% cloudproof!

2. No Hot-Pants or Heels – Leave them at home! A warm pair of boots (or wellies) that you don’t mind getting dirty and a comfy pair of jeans are essential rally gear! Fake tan and a mini skirt may look good on a night out but can be a bit ridiculous if you’re climbing over muddy ditches in the rain.

3. Bring rain gear (and sunglasses) – as we all know how predictable Irish weather is….. oh and don’t forget to bring Gloves…… and warm socks…. and thermals…. snow boots… flip-flops (you get the idea)

4.  Toilets – Unless you enjoy crouching behind a bush go whenever you see an opportunity…. restaurants, petrol stations, hotels etc. Most stages are held in the middle of nowhere and the bathroom facilities are non-existant!

5. Full Windscreen – Motor Tax, Insurance and NCT (if applicable) are essentials for your weekend away. Also check your tyres and bulbs and make sure your car is roadworthy to avoid any unnecessary run ins with An Garda Siochana.


And don’t forget to check the RSA website for driving tips and remember to keep the race in its place! 


 Suzanne Keane

27th April, 2016


Author: Suzanne Keane

A confirmed petrol head with a penchant for Retro VW’s, Suzanne has been taking apart (and sometimes putting back together) her own cars for years! You can follow Suzanne on Twitter at @g60girl

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