How many driving lessons does it take to pass a test?

How many lessons should you take before your driving test? We get some expert advice from Ladybird Driving School

Based on the survey report presented by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), an individual or learner needs around 45 hours of lessons to learn how to drive a vehicle. After that, he or she needs to practice driving for 22 hours. To be more precise, it needs 67 hours (45 plus 22) in total. Needless to say, driving a car for more than 22 hours (after getting driving lessons) is a must to feel ease with driving a car.

However, the matter of fact is that the hours needed to be fully aware and able to react to hazards competently can vary. Many drivers need less and some others take more. This is why passing or qualifying the parameters (set for becoming a safe driver) is very important here.


EDT Lessons
Although we have heard many drivers saying they needed only 10 lessons to pass their driving test, it needs 12 EDT lessons initially and 30 more hours practice in reality to be a safe and confident driver. Let us discuss this fact in detail. Why people need more hours of driving lessons from a reputable driving school than saving a few hours and a few amounts of money (around €100 or €50). Why? Do not take risks with your life folks. Never. How much would you spend on a Deb’s night out? €500? You wouldn’t wear a cheap dress or cheap suit, you might get picked up in a limo plus spending money.€500 would get you around 15 hours of quality driving lessons.

The matter of fact is that lots of new and inexperienced drivers die in the country (Ireland) on our roads each year. In fact, the age group that statistically have more accidents and fatalities per year in Ireland is the 17-24-year-old age group. With Males being the highest contributor to those statistics. A vast majority of them just spend a few hours to pass their driving tests with the minimum amount of driving lessons. Thus, they can save both money and time, but they are to repay/refund their savings by sacrificing their lives.


Passing your test or becoming a safer driver?
There is a notion that driving instructors or trainers want to extend the time and number of lessons to earn more from the learners. However, this is not right always. In many cases, they increase lessons and time of practising to make you a safe driver. This is why you should follow them and listen to their instructions. However, for the slow performer, they could increase the time of practising. Similarly, in order to make safe drivers, the trainers can stretch out the number of lessons up to 20.


At Ladybird Driving School, After several years of studies and research works we offer the latest driving lessons models named Refresher Driving Lessons Dublin and Ultimate Driving Lessons  The Refreshers has been designed to provide learner drivers with the adequate driving knowledge with a client centered learning approach and latest tips, traffic rules and modern tricks that they need to pass the practical driving test and/or to become a safe driver in future.

Refresher Driving Lessons designed by Ladybird Driving School follow this structure:

Driving test marking sheet understanding
Initial assessment to establish the base level
Fault analysis and how to correct these faults
A demonstration drive as to how things should be done including all maneuvers
Practical test preparation
Test Routes explained and videos offered
Client centered learning.

Post EDT programmes
Ultimate Driving Lessons have been designed for EDT learners post EDT programme and pretest lessons. This driving lesson programme is set to test the ability of a novice, learner driver and inexperienced driver. It tests the incapability of a driver, coming as the consequences of the lack of practice and driving time on the roads.

One thing is for sure, you will drive for the rest of your life on a variety of roads, motorways, dual carriageways, rural roads and others. What professional driver training teaches you is the art of prediction and anticipation. The skill to foresee the poor actions of others early enough to change your own course in order to prevent yourself entering into the danger zone ahead.

If you divide the cost of learning to drive safely by the amount of years you will be driving possibly up 40years or more that will give you your investment amount per year for a safe and lifelong experience of driving a car.

We will be back next month with our next instalment of #LearnWithLadybird but in the meantime check out some info about us here

15th April 2020

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